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Work In Progress / Re: [TC][OXCE] Terminator: Tech-Comm - Terminated
« on: February 29, 2020, 03:26:14 pm »
This project has been discontinued because of copyright issues related to the unauthorized use of third party images.

Since it would require a ton of artwork, I decided to end this project because of the permissions it would require and I do not want to be blatantly stealing from other authors/games/etc. without their permission, under the risk of receiving a 'cease and desist' notice that could compromise all the work done on this mod, specially from sources that are commercially sold. 

If you have downloaded this mod, you're warned that the artwork for the weapons contained on it was originally done by Christopher Shields for his amazing Terminator: 2029 site and that it is not free to use - he kindly gave me permission to use them only for this mod after I personally contacted him.

Area 51 / Re: Updating OpenXCom crashes old Area 51 save files
« on: February 29, 2020, 06:18:43 am »
I've attached two .zip files to this post.

Unzipping the ufos_Area_51.ZIP to \OpenXcom\mods\Area 51 v0.972\Ruleset\ and replacing the existing rile should solve the /UFO_150A.MAP error.

Unzipping the TERRAIN.ZIP attached file to \OpenXcom\mods\Area 51 v0.972\TERRAIN\ and replace the existing files will solve the UFOL83 issue (and a couple other ones).

If they persist, just post a reply. I'm still working on the next update, which will be an extensive redesign so it will take some time before I update the release.

Area 51 / Re: Files for removal from Hardmode Expansion
« on: February 14, 2020, 06:36:04 pm »
Hi Hobbes,

i finally found a reliable way to identify, which files i use from the terrain pack.
I will also make a diff against AREA 51, to make sure that i do not use any of those files.

Attached to his post, you find a comparison list for TERRAIN, MAPS, ROUTES, Hardmode Expansion V0.98 vs Terrain Pack V4.3.
I am assuming, you wish me to remove all of these?

If you check the lists, you will also see files who differ.
Those are errors fixed in 95% of cases, also some changes, mostly slightly cosmetic ones.

Thanks to diff -rqsu and some greps ;)

I will reply later to your pm in detail, have to go to work. :)

I've had a look and I'm curious about how your way works. Let's PM later to better discuss this.

It's intended, it's just like the original TFTD from which the terrain was converted. That plane was carrying a near full fuel load when it crashed.

Area 51 / Re: Can I Turn Off/Tone Down HK?
« on: January 23, 2020, 12:16:37 am »
But here's my suggestion, for what it's worth. If you wanted to do something REALLY clever, you could (and this is JUST a suggestion, I don't mean to be cheeky, your mod is amazing) have some kind of situation where there's a plot-twist or something in the middle of the game. Like, something happens, you raid a base, kill a commander, capture a commander, something like that - but then it causes the aliens to shift their entire strategy. Before that, no HK's, because the aliens just don't really care about your pathetic human resistance. But once you do it, gloves are off, and the aliens start hunting your ships as a matter of priority.  That would put the HK's where they'd be most useful - spicing up the endgame with serious danger, but only once you've got the setup to either absorb the huge losses they can inflict, or the fleet to fight back. And whatever this thing is, you HAVE to do it, because that step is crucial to the tech tree.

I like this idea. The Council missions are also planned to be reduced.

Area 51 / Re: Top Gun/Pilots
« on: January 23, 2020, 12:13:45 am »
Hey, Hobbes, I tried this mod out today and I really love the concept. I even figured out to get it to work properly with the AWACS mod. However when my Hawkeye was shot down I noticed there was no notification of the two pilots being killed, nor did they show up in the memorial or statistics.

If pilots aren't killed as result of air combat, they return to their base after 3 days.

Area 51 / Re: Can I Turn Off/Tone Down HK?
« on: January 16, 2020, 10:49:25 pm »
But.... you know.... I mean.... is this fair?

A better question: is this fun? And clearly it isn't for you, and at this point I was also considering some changes into the system as part of the new version.

It is possible to do both, either reduce the UFO HK settings or completely disable them.

As for tips,
* Sending any initial craft on a mission can put them at risk from Terror Ships or even swarms of lesser ships, so when sending craft into areas without any radar coverage is better to send a scouting Interceptor first, to ensure the path is clear until the target.
* Areas with high UFO activity can also mean that larger UFOs are or will be at work there.
* Until you can get upgraded weaponry/craft, it's almost pointless to try to bring down Terror Ships only with Avalanche missiles, not to mention Battleships.

Area 51 / Re: Terrain Bug Reports
« on: January 04, 2020, 08:55:30 pm »
Thanks for the hotfix.

Now I have the same problem with UFOL83.MCD.

There's also issues with other files, so this requires a proper fix. I'm gonna dedicate some time in the next days to Area 51, so this will be fixed soon.

Hey all,

The Terrain Pack has been updated to 4.3, with the removal of all the assets that were not allowed anymore by its authors.

The .zip now includes a TERRAIN_PACK_CREDITS.txt that contains all the relevant info concerning credits and permissions of the assets of the Terrain Pack.

There were a number of terrains that were removed because of permissions.
* AREA51, and all derived terrains associated, such as AREA51BASE, AREA51RAID, AREA51HQ, AREA51HWPFACTORY, AREA51SKYRANGERFACTORY and AREA51URBAN

Usage of the assets created for these terrains, or any other terrains I originally created for my Area 51/TechComm mods, is not allowed in other mods and they'll need to be removed. And this also means modifications or derivative works made to my original files by modders are not authorized by me as the author and need to be removed.

Area 51 / Re: Invalid MCD file: AREA51_D1.MCD
« on: December 29, 2019, 06:27:56 pm »
Check the sticky Terrain Feedback thread - just posted a fix there.

Area 51 / Re: Terrain Bug Reports
« on: December 29, 2019, 06:27:24 pm »
Hobbes, would you be able to provide fixed MCD files for the nightly release? I tried with the most current one (as of this post) and I'm still getting the same error, this time with ARE51-D1.MCD.

I have similar problems.

Hello all. Attached to this message there's a zip file containing the fixed MCD files. Just unzip it to C:\Users\User\Documents\OpenXcom\mods\Area 51 v0.972\TERRAIN and replace all the existing files.

Area 51 / Re: Intercepting UFOs always being destroyed?
« on: December 03, 2019, 06:56:11 am »
Ah ok. So, it seems it is set to 100% chance of being destroyed if UFO is intercepting.

Exactly. Otherwise, too much extra loot from intercepting UFOs.

Area 51 / Terrain Pack credits draft
« on: November 29, 2019, 12:32:11 am »
The original work present in this mod and its files belongs to its authors, properly identified in the credits section. This mod and its files can't be used for commercial uses without permission from its authors. This mod's files can't be used in other mods, or modified without the authors' consent.

It is required to credit the authors by adding a copy of this file to your mod.

Any questions can be asked in the OpenXCom forums or emailed to Hobbes at

* Original UFO2000 terrains
** INDUSTRIAL (originally developed for UFO2000, converted to OpenXCom format by Hobbes)
* Original OpenXCom terrains
** COLD ISLE (polar research station)
* Original UFO2000 terrains
** CULTAFARM (originally made by author as UFO2000 terrain)
** DAWNCITY (originally made by author as UFO2000 terrain, together with Nachtwolf and Voller)
** MADURBAN (originally made by author as Modified City, UFO2000 terrain)
** NATIVE (originally made by author as UFO2000 terrain)
** RAILYARDURBAN (originally made by author as UFO2000 terrain, converted to OXC by Hobbes and Solarius Scorch)
* Adapted/Combined UFO/TFTD terrains made for OXC
** CARGOSHIP (TFTD terrain, 1st stage mission only)
** DESERTMOUNT (Desert Mountain)
** DESERTPLANE (adapted Crashed Plane TFTD terrain)
** DESERTTEMPLE (Original Desert + Atlantis terrain from TFTD, together with XOps)
** FORESTMOUNT (Forest Mountain)
** FORESTPOLAR (Forest Swamp)
** GRASSLANDDESERT (Northern hemisphere only)
** GRASSLANDDESERTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
** GRASSLANDFOREST (Northern hemisphere only)
** GRASSLANDFORESTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
** GRASSLANDPOLAR (Northern hemisphere only)
** ISLANDURBAN (vanilla TFTD Port terrain)
** JUNGLEPOLAR (Jungle Swamp)
** JUNGLETEMPLE (Original Jungle + Mu terrain from TFTD, together with XOps)
** LINERSHIP (TFTD terrain, 1st stage mission only)
** POLARPLANE (adapted Crashed Plane TFTD terrain)
** PORT (vanilla TFTD Port terrain)
** SAVANNADESERT (Southern hemisphere only)
** SAVANNADESERTMOUNT (Southern hemisphere only)
** SAVANNAFOREST (Southern hemisphere only)
** SAVANNAFORESTMOUNT (Southern hemisphere only)
** SAVANNAPOLAR (Southern hemisphere only)
** STEPPEDESERT (Northern hemisphere only)
** STEPPEDESERTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
** STEPPEFOREST (Northern hemisphere only)
** STEPPEFORESTMOUNT (Northern hemisphere only)
** STEPPEPOLAR (Northern hemisphere only)
** TUNDRAPLANE (adapted Crashed Plane TFTD terrain)
* Original OpenXCom terrains
** EXPANDEDTERROR (terror site terrain)
* Geoscape cities and and Country Zones taken from his Improved Nations mod (expanded by Hobbes)
* Original UFO2000 terrains
** DAWNCITY (artwork together with Voller)
Twilight Owl
* Original UFO2000 terrains
** AIRFIELD (originally developed for UFO2000, converted to OpenXCom format by Hobbes)
* Original UFO2000 terrains
** DAWNCITY (artwork together with Nachtwolf)
* Geoscape.dat from his Improved Globe mod (expanded by Hobbes)
* World.dat Geoscape editor
* Original UFO2000 terrains
** DOWNTOWNURBAN (originally developed for UFO2000, converted to OpenXCom format by Hobbes)
* Adapted/Combined UFO/TFTD terrains to OXC
** DESERTTEMPLE (Additional artwork)
** JUNGLETEMPLE (Additional artwork)

I've moved back several terrains I designed specifically for Area 51 back into that mod:
* AREA51

COMMERCIAL was deleted per Dioxine's request since the OXC conversion used his sprites. I might later re-add the original version, which was the first terrain I ever created for the original game.

Released Mods / Re: Terrain Pack considerations
« on: November 28, 2019, 09:36:56 pm »
    • A primary the source of this problem is a combination of poor communication and rudeness, most of which can be safely blamed on one specific user of Hobbes's work. But not all of it, unfortunately. Hobbes's reaction was and continues to be over the top and in poor form. And I don't really see anything changing if, hypothetically, the modder was polite, argued for donations being harmless or perhaps proposing to share them, etc.
    If the donations are so harmless, why they didn't remove them instead? I gave the option and he refused.

    Why doesn't he remove them now? The whole issue could be solved quickly. Instead, they choose continuing with donations.

    Who's being exactly over the top and in poor form?

    AFAICT Hobbes would still have gone into 'I'll take my toys and go home' mode.

    Did I leave the site and delete everything and said f*** u* to everyone?

    Given that he's a long-standing member of the community, a moderator and someone who occasionally tries to set standards, that's not a good precedent. SupSuper recently threatened to ban some users for relatively minor squabbling (aka the 'don't be a jerk' rule). What's going on here is full-blown drama initiated by a moderator.

    Except for moderating the section of the site dealing with Area 51, I'm not a moderator anywhere else. So complaints about moderation should be taken elsewhere, because they don't belong here.

    • to change the behaviour of others (this has, obviously, failed or at least backfired to a significant degree),
    • to influence others' opinion of oneself (that's a net loss, if this thread is any indication),
    • to make yourself feel good about your work and its usage (TP is being stripped down and getting less used in the future, so ...).

    Your opinion, and I disagree in all points. For all I know, you know zip about me, except for what's been happening lately. So consider that before you even try to analyze me.

    What is the problem with donations, exactly? I'm also generally ill-disposed towards modders making money from their work, but for a completely practical reason: it encourages 'copyrighting' mods, hoarding and not sharing your work, cliques, drama and squabbling, all of which significantly damage any modding scene. Witness e.g. Bethesda's 'paid Skyrim mods' debacle. What was Hobbes's solution to donations? Diving head-first into the same kind of behaviour.

    I have no knowledge of this situation and I don't need to.

    Someone had behavior towards me that my personal values say it's abusive, by deciding to ask for donations after they've used my work and never asking permission for it. I told them to stop. They refused. Consequences followed immediately on my part until the abusive behavior stops.

    That's how I am in real life towards any kind of abusive behavior, towards me or others. I agree with you that I can be direct and harsh, but I also can be very diplomatic. I tried diplomacy first. It failed.

    The only truly positive effect of such 'enforcement' is preventing people from claiming someone else's work as their own. That was never the issue here.

    And what exactly do you think it means when someone decides to take your work and use it for commercial proposes?

    That person is claiming it as its own to make money![/list][/list]

    Released Mods / Re: Terrain Pack considerations
    « on: November 28, 2019, 07:01:28 pm »
    Also taking donations is not selling.

    Your opinion. My opinion about donations is different. I am the author. When I decide upon usage of my work, my opinion is more important than yours.

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