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Playthroughs / Post your Let's Play series on the modsite!
« on: May 07, 2015, 12:46:28 pm »
The modsite now has an area for you to add your podcasts and Let's Play series! If you don't already have an account on the modsite go ahead and register. A new section will appear called "My Podcasts" where you can add videos which will appear on! This is basically a beta feature so there are a few bugs (listed below), but it's online and available for you all to reach an even larger audience!

Current bugs or work in progress:
- It's 6am.. will fill this out tomorrow

Features Pending to be Added:
- See above :)

If you have a series you have done, or are in the middle on, please put it on the modsite.

Feel free to post suggestions, comments, etc in this forum.

Work In Progress / The ModSite just got reviewed on YouTube!
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:39:24 am »
So I just got the message today and saw the link.. I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't queeze just a little bit. Almost felt like touching down in a skyranger for that first .. night mission.

(*cough* some things to fix. *cough*)

Released Mods / [SAVEGAME] Hundred Million Dollar Savegame
« on: June 16, 2014, 09:29:33 am »
I'm not sure if this file should go here or in another forum but here goes! Feel free to use this in your testing, modding, etc whatever you feel like!


This is my savegame which I have played over the last few months. Instead of going to Cydonia, I'm simply farming the UFO's gaining supplies, money, and training for my elite soldiers. Currently has $192,395,000 and 6783 elerium across all bases, as well as 22 global aircraft. I'm using interceptors (whenever possible) and firestorms as assault vehicles, and avengers as troop deployment and assault vehicles (to complement firestorms) for battleship attacks. Most of the time battleships should be farmed and not shot down, unless you want to fend off a base attack or infiltration attempt.

I've beaten the game before but because I love the game, in this playthrough I'm not going to the end of the game. Instead I'm farming the alien invasion for it's resources and have created a global XCOM empire. There are a few bases which I've allowed which are used to farm the supply ships, and all bases are fully stocked with supplies, elerium, aircraft and offensive forces, and plenty soldiers.

Currently the top bases I use in assaults are in North America, North Africa (psionics elite team), and South East Asia. The other bases have plenty of rookies which are used for base defense, as well as rookies which I still have to train to become like my elite forces. There are 516 total engineers in both North Africa and South African bases, both bases are the main manufacturing bases. Currently the bases are producing laser cannons for income generation, but they are also used to create more hover tanks and defense equipment. Hover tanks are used as the main scouts and front line defense forces in front of the soldiers.

All bases are equipped with psionics labs, and out of 360 hired solders, only 54 were killed in action (see memorial). Also all bases are strategically placed so most the entire globe is covered and detection rates at it's highest. A few countries were lost but even with that, funding is going very well and all base expenses are now covered by the funding sources.

The score is also very high allowing for alien bases and alien base farming. I suggest allowing a few more alien bases to increase elerium reserves, which is what I plan on doing myself.

Hope you have fun!

Notes: Some stores are INCREDIBLY packed. Also there is one avenger that is still being repaired (which has been in the shop for a VERY long time), though it's almost completely repaired! All items are legit and no cheats or edits were made.

Insallation Instructions:

  • Download the file and extract it to your OpenXcom Data folder with your other save games.
  • Play and have fun. While you can go to Cydonia, this savegame is being played as a "longest war" method which I find very fun.

Read the following link to find out where your OpenXcom Data folder is located (depending on your operating system):

Download Link:

- Jo5hua

Suggestions / Alien Base Raiding/Farming
« on: March 12, 2014, 12:38:50 pm »
In my old XCom I was able to raid Alien Bases for loot to sell, or that precious Elerium in the large Storage Rooms. It let you extract, get ranks (I think), as well as sell/use whatever items you brought back. Does anyone know if this functionality exists in OpenXCom?

Offtopic / XCOM Diaries - Unexpected Outcomes
« on: February 05, 2014, 05:10:48 am »
This is a preview of the new upcoming XCOM Diaries (Episode 1).

Clip Description:
"I've had XCom for about 20 years now, and never had such an unexpected loss. With the exception of loosing an entire skyranger with 14 rookies and squaddies to a terror missison, this is the most terrible of them all."

Episode 1 "Unexpected Outcomes" will be online soon.


Work In Progress / OpenXcom Modsite Portal [Updated 6.27.14]
« on: January 30, 2014, 01:09:34 am »
Phase 2 Estimated Development: 5% complete

Phase 2

With most the website done in regards to Phase 1, it's ready for Phase 2 and implementation of new features and bug fixes. There is an existing list to bring the site farther into what we expect a proper mod site to be. Below is a list of features and fixes that are planned for Phase 2 which is already under development.

Note: The website has been upgraded since the release of 1.0, as we've passed 10,000 mod downloads! I can't even believe it. In any case, visitors from all over the world should experience website load times improve exponentially. The website is being hosted in 26 different locations all over the globe. Prior to this, users outside of the United States would experience not so immediate load times. As of now, visitors from all over the world will now experience immediate and fast website load times.

Phase 2 Feature / Bugfix list
  • Fix viewing pages after page 1 when viewing a mod category.
  • Fix mod downloads column alignment.
  • Fix minor firefox bugs in Mod Manager screen (delete images - use chrome for now).
  • Fix minor bug when managing a mod that has transferred ownership.
  • *** Upload remaining 60 some OpenXcom mods not currently on the website
  • Drastic changes to the home page to further display even more showcased mods in the home page. So we will see a lot more mods on the home page.
  • Add ability to write image description
  • Add Author page which will show all mod uploaded by an author.
  • Add reset password function to site login.
  • Add individual changelog to mod download area.
  • Add rating statistics to show how many votes for each star rating.
  • Add Member Account page to edit email and password.
  • Convert links written in mod details to clickable links.
  • New area to show top 100 downloads of all time.
  • New area to show top downloads in last 30 days.
  • New Author Page to show all mods uploaded by each author. Can include mod bio, location, and other information.
  • Add new mod category: Armor, HWP, Mod collection, Total Conversion
  • Finish Moderator Area
  • Add download URL to API link (for a possible mod manager / download app or in game mod viewer).
  • Add Facebook login feature for commenters, raters and modders
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages

Phase 2 Wish List

Features that *may* go into Phase 2:
  • Add search options to the Mod List page. Such as "View 10 mods at one time" to 20/30/etc.
  • Add sort by rating, sort by downloads, sort by views.
  • Possibility of adding dual view on the main mods list. Currently there is a List View, but I also wanted a Grid view.
  • An area to show Top Authors.

TBA: Phase 3 Wish List

Yes there will be a Phase 3. Especially with TFTD coming in the future.

  • Finish full functionality to split mods between XCOM/TFTD - This is already implemented in the database
  • Add "Member Uploaded Images" to mod page, like on Nexus
  • Add Tutorials/Articles area so that members can write modding tutorials which can be found scattered across the internet. A central place with full photo uploading, file upload, and commenting would be super great for this kind of thing.
  • Add new file category "Essentials" to upload sound files, new music, game patches, etc. (?)
  • Editor Picks for mods

OXC-Modsite Link
Luke83's OXC Mod Site

Old Introduction

[Updated 3/13/2014]

Greetings Earth Defenders,

As some of you now know, work has begun on a new modsite. This portal will serve as a mod repository for all OpenXCom mods. Currently mods are distributed via the forum, which makes it difficult to search and view what is available. Luke, WarBoy, Ninex and  a few others have been involved in discussion with creating the brand new centralized site for the modsite portal.

The modsite will be fully featured and you will be able to view "What's Hot" (popular mods), Top Downloaded, Most Popular in the last 30-some Days, and "Editor Picks" (mods selected by the OpenXCom team). Mod authors will have the ability to have a unique area to showcase all of their creations. You will have the ability to add a mod description, name, images (photogallery!), and users will be able to rate, Endorse, comment, on mods - as well as view your mod's Forum Thread. This new system will make it easy for you to search the entire mod repository by mod upload date, rating, endorsement level (people who have tested and played the mod), as well as view comments relating to the mod.

One of the features that has been floating in the air is the ability to view the mods on the modsite IN-GAME. The current idea is that you should be able to view the available mods (compatible with your version - hopefully you are running the latest version), and simply "check" on whatever mod you would like to use. The game will download the mod from the website and add the mod to your game automatically.


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