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The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.9: The Empire Strikes Back
« on: June 15, 2023, 07:55:37 pm »
Ok, I found the missions in the missionScripts file.  Once again the ease which I can make my own mods to this game amazes me...

Thanks for the help Juku!

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.9: The Empire Strikes Back
« on: June 14, 2023, 10:01:47 pm »
Hello everyone, does anybody know how to increase the number of UFO missions flying around?  It's January of 2001 and I don't seem to be getting a lot of them.  Granted I have tormentors with Guass and stormlance missiles and I have been aggressively intercepting anything that enters Earth's atmosphere, but things seem kind of dead.  I also have had very few encounters with MIB, and I have not seen any of their ufos in a while.  The only thing that seems to keep popping up are the damn Hybrid missions.  I know you can't wipe them as a faction, but I already did the control room assault and as far as my head cannon is concerned, they are finished. 

How do I increase the frequency of UFO and MIB missions while decreasing the Hybrid ones?  Also, I have researched Men In Black so that is not the problem.

Hey everyone, coming back after a little while out of the game.  I was wondering, how are your squads organized? 

Obviously it can vary depending on the mission or terrain, but do you guys use the two man scout-sniper approach, or are your squads broken down into fireteams?

I've been deploying with Skymarshals or Kitsune's for 15-16 slots available.  I tend to favor ranged playstyles with a lot of heavy weapons.  I always take at least one mortar, and rocket launcher for these, along with a sniper to two.  Everybody else is a maneuver element, usually 6 agents and an HWP.  I don't have any set weapon loadout as I like to try out different weapons to see what works, but I prefer rifles.  Of course, these guys also carry grenades and sometimes a medikit. 

I don't feel like this is a great loadout.  It works for me, and I win engagements, but I feel like I'm not utilizing the full suite of weapons and equipment I have available to its full potential.  Hence, I want some advice/thoughts from the veterans? 

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.8: The Lunar Protocol
« on: March 07, 2023, 05:26:58 am »
Ok Juku, you have successfully hyped this fanfic.  I'm gonna put that on my list of stuff to check out and I will start the hunt.  Thanks!

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.8: The Lunar Protocol
« on: March 06, 2023, 04:46:14 am »
Iirc, unit spawn nodes are defined in the map itself. There are usually more than needed, and game picks some of them to spawn xcom/civvies/hostiles. So in most cases you can simply increase the number.

That is good news.  It should make things much easier.

If you want SWAT, add/change something like this:
Code: [Select]
      STR_MALE_SWAT: 10

Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for!  Thanks!

And, sadly, AFAIK actual reinforcements can't be civilians, so you can't have an influx of SWAT arriving at the scene without timed spawner items. I was wrong, see below.,5151.msg134656.html#msg134656

Ok this is interesting.  I'm going to need to look at this more to understand the code, but I am very pleased to learn that we can spawn neutral/allied reinforcements.  It could make for some interesting missions...

"They are being useful elsewhere.

Remember, the police are not a heavily armed military force. They have neither the training nor equipment to handle an active shooter situation beyond the level of a random madman with a gun.  Even the elite door kicker units that go out to arrest organized crime and such at best have light body armor and the occasional MP5. So something like an organized cult raid or god forbid an actual alien assault is going to be hilariously out of their league. So even in the most charitable scenario of something like a simple cult raid if the police were to send in forces to "help" XCOM they would at best get in the way and at worst be an open hindrance as XCOM would have to babysit them.

The police are far more useful in these scenarios using their numbers, authority and training to provide general support by cordoning off the effected area, assisting in evacuation of civilians, preventing panic etc.

This is a good point.  Since I live in the U.S. I keep forgetting that most countries police forces are pretty lightly armed.  Although I will have to agree with Juku that plenty of countries have elite SWAT units and could still put up a decent fight. 

I think the old 'Kansai arc' fanfiction had some pretty good depictions of such missions. It also had the Commander be a womanizing asshole who threatened the UN with nukes. Well, Fusion Balls, but who's counting? :)

We have fanfics for X-files?  Where?

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.8: The Lunar Protocol
« on: March 05, 2023, 12:53:57 am »
Hello everyone,

I wanted to ask how spawning in allied NPCs works?  I have played a few terror missions with aliens in built up city centers and while I like the missions, the main thought that goes through my head is..."where the hell are the cops?" . 

Yes, I know what you all are going to say which is stuff like, "There's a couple of them running around" (yes there's like one or two but I was expecting a SWAT response team at least), or "Cops got better things to do than get killed" but I have always wanted to see more of them around on these missions.  I am not asking that this be changed for the game since I think the terror missions are fine as is, this is just something I would like to add in myself for personal satisfaction. 

I get that each mission in the alien deployments rule file has both civilians: <enter number> and civiliansByType: <enter the string ID of the unit>:<number of units> which determine the number of civilians which are spawned.  Is it just as simple as changing the numbers and/or adding string IDs in the civiliansByType section, or do I have to specify where these new civilians spawn in on the map too?  If I do have to specify grid coordinates for spawning, how is this done? 

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N4 17-Feb-2023 First Ending
« on: February 28, 2023, 07:18:09 am »
Good to know.  Thanks!

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - N4 17-Feb-2023 First Ending
« on: February 28, 2023, 02:17:23 am »
Hey everyone, really enjoying the mod so far, but I got a to research hangers? 

Hangers are usually a regular staple of bases and you start with two, but I can't seem to build any additional ones?  Is this intentional or is my game bugged? 

IDT Modding Hub / Re: [TC][OXCE][SMALL MOD] Reach: The Fall, a Halo mod
« on: February 12, 2023, 01:33:33 am »
I also figured I would post a Bugs and Balance section here for the developer:

- I noted that drop pods seem to have a larger spawn box than what appears on the screen.  With the exception of the square right outside the door, I cannot move anyone within one tile of the outside part of the drop pod...almost as if there is an invisible wall that extends one tile out from the pod.  This is not much of an issue, but in rare cases, a drop pod will spawn right at the edge of the map...about one-two tiles away from the edge.  Since we can't move anyone in that 'invisible wall' space of 1 tile, this will trap the passenger inside the pod until the end of the mission. 

- Another thing about drop pods is that I had a hard time trying to open the door.  I know it says strike and fire in the UFOPedia, and in an earlier build (the one before the current one I think), you used to be able to melee it open with a single knife action.  However, I have been unable to use the knife action as the game gives me a "there is no one there" pop-up text.  Thus, my guys get trapped in a pod until turn two.  Again, not much of an issue, but it does allow the enemy to get a free turn of shooting on them, and fuel rod gunners can wipe the squad as the explosions will still go through the pod.

- On the final mission, is there a squad cap?  I went in with a Light Frigate of 12 men, but only 8 spawned on the map.  If this is intentional, no problem.  If it isn't, then this is a bug.

- I have also found the base assaults and second stage missions for the capital ships to be very unbalanced as it is not uncommon to have 6-7 Elites spawn facing my deployment zones.  This tends to be a problem, as the moment one of my guys twitch the whole squad (in both deployment locations mind you as this happens in both areas) will get wiped out by the reaction fire.  The times that there are not an entire squad of Covenant ready to blast me on the mission startup, they tend to be right outside the room on all four sides, and I have had squads of aliens rush in turn 2 and slaughter everyone.  The only times that my squad even had a chance was when I got lucky and the map spawned both deployment zones near a corner of the map.  Even so, most of the squad is usually killed as a lot of Elites tend to rush them very quickly.  The only way I was able to clear these is by pushing into one of those rooms with the single file gravity door, and camp on the second floor as aliens will go up one by one and be mowed down by my reaction fire.  I think the issue here is that the base map is too small for the amount of enemies that spawn.  I good fix would be to make the map area a few rooms larger to spread out the enemy spawn zones. 

IDT Modding Hub / Re: [TC][OXCE][SMALL MOD] Reach: The Fall, a Halo mod
« on: February 12, 2023, 01:12:18 am »
Since there's not a lot of discussion about this mod I figured that I would post a little bit to help newbies learn more about the mod since this is an enjoyable play.  It also feels pretty close to the lore in gameplay, and as a long time Halo fan I found this mod to be pretty fun and I think it would be great for it to get more attention and support.

Disclaimer: I am not infallible and there are probably things I got wrong somewhere.  If you find them go ahead and correct me as I do not want to spread misinformation. 

The general idea:
   This mod reenacts the fall of Reach from Halo, which means its going to be a short campaign (about two months).  You may not think that is going to be a lot of time, but with all the enemy transports flying around you'll have plenty of missions to go on.

Big things to note:
   1. THIS IS NOT A FINISHED MOD!  At the time of this writing you can tell this mod still has a long way to go before it is complete and you will find stuff like bugs or unbalanced missions.  There are still many things which can be implemented to improve gameplay, and make the mod more interesting.  Do not expect a completely polished and finished game.
   2. No research: You really think your egg heads are going to do in two months what the rest of humanity could do in 25 years?
   3. No production: All your stuff can be bought.
   4. Air Combat: This is a big part of the mod and you will have access to both fighter craft (such as longswords and sabers) or capital ships like the UNSC light frigate.  Covenant craft will be the same, ranging from banshee's to CSS battle cruisers.  The idea is the same, use fighters to fight fighters and dropships, and capital ships to fight other capital ships.
      + As of the time of this writing, air combat is basically a joke as you are able to down every Covenant craft that you encounter as long as you don't do something stupid like send a longsword at a battle cruiser.  If you want enemies to land, you will have to wait it out, or shoot them down and this is where basically all of your missions will come from (except the scripted final mission, and the base assaults).
      + You can use Saber fighters or Longswords, but just use a capital ship for most things as those are very heavily armed and can roll any craft.  They can also deploy squads using drop pods into the crash sites too.

Ground Combat:
   This is the main draw to this mod.  While only a few Covenant units have been implemented, the majority of the UNSC and Covenant arsenals have been replicated and combat between your dudes and the aliens feels faithful to how it was in the books.  Combat is challenging, fun, and will not be easy. 
   1. The main thing to remember is that you will be flying in with smaller sized squads than in other games (6-12) and you will be facing a lot of enemies.  Use smoke and cover liberally as you will always be heavily outnumbered.
   2. While the alien weapons do a lot less damage than plasma tier weapons in the original X-Com game, your dudes armor is not that great and can (and will) die in one or two hits.  This is not Halo 1 on easy mode here...
   3. All weapons will have very low TU costs to fire, meaning that it is conceivable that you will get 5-6 aimed/burst/full auto shots off a turn.  You can complain about ammo shortages, but believe will need to fire that much.

Enemies: There are three units that have been implemented at the time of this writing; Grunts, Jackals, and Elites.
   1. Grunts: Weak units as you would expect.  These guys can be one shot by most weapons and can be ignored in favor of more dangerous threats for the most part.  The only exception is grunt heavies (green guys) who are carrying a Fuel Rod Gun.  Shoot them first.
   2. Jackals: A bit tougher than grunts, but still weak.  Their shield gauntlet makes them a bit tanky, but they can still be one shot by most weapons.  The only ones that are really dangerous are the snipers since guys with Covenant Carbines and good firing accuracy is not a good combo for your dudes.
   3. Elites: These guys make the mod hard.  Their normal stats are alright, but the fact that each one has personal shields makes them very, very tanky.  Even the weakest Elite, the minors (blue guys), have a shield strength of 200, which means they can soak up a lot of shots before you are able to start hitting their actual health.  You will need to focus fire with several troops in order to bring these guys down...and there are always a lot of these guys.

Your Dudes:  You have four options, Marines, Army Troopers, ODSTs, or Spartans.
   1. Marines: Probably the weakest option.  They are comparable to original game rookies and they boast slightly higher reaction times and TUs than the Army guys since they are supposed to be more mobile.  However, the rest of their stats suck in comparison to the Army guys and in my opinion, there's nothing these guys can do that the Army troopers can't do better.  Use them if you like role playing.
   2. Army troopers: Comparable to the original game rookies, these guys are less mobile than Marines, but they have higher firing accuracy and strength stats.  They cost the same as Marines (about $40000) and their stats tend to be better. 
      - NOTE: Army and Marines get basically the same armor options: Standard, light, Balaclava, and Cap.  Standard is the tankiest, but doesn't give additional bonuses.  Light gives up a lot of armor for better TU and Reactions (enough that Army guys can reach standard amor Marine TUs).  Balaclava is a middle ground between standard and light giving some TU bonus for losing a bit less armor.  The cap gives up a little armor for extra bravery.  I tried out every armor and found that they really didn't impact my gameplay that much, but giving Snipers and scouts light armor isn't a bad idea.  Alternatively, giving everyone standard means they might survive an extra hit if they are lucky.
   3. ODSTs: These guys are spec ops of the UNSC and it shows.  They have veteran stats (firing accuracy in the 80s and 90s, 50s and 60s strength, etc.)  They only have one armor choice, but it is better than the regular troops anyway.  They cost a lot, but considering how easy it is to make money off of captured Covenant equipment, and how low the squad sizes are in the mod, $200000 isn't a bad deal.
   4. Spartans: These guys are the super soldiers and all of their stats are very high.  Their armor is also the tankiest, although Spartans will still die in a few hits as they do not have shields yet in the game (unless you add it yourself as it is pretty easy to do so).  Spartans are the best however you will have to sell multiple Kidneys to hire more than the initial six you start off with at 5 million a pop.
      - NOTE: You will not care about score for the campaign, but ODST and Spartan deaths will result in a large negative to your score.  If you care about that, be careful of losing these guys.

   A player that focuses on optimization will mostly likely use a mix of the four, ODSTs and Spartans for heavy weapons carriers and snipers, and Army and Marines for scouts and cannon fodder.   I like to stay faithful to lore and logic and use all squads of one type (a.k.a only Marines, only Army, only ODSTs, etc.).  Either way, it can still be pretty fun.

Weapons: Most weapons will have very low TU costs to fire with some exceptions.  Now the difference between Covenant weapons and UNSC is that human weapons tend to deal less damage, but are more accurate, while alien weapons deal more damage, but less accurate.  I have very little experience with using Covenant weapons as I like the human weapons more.  However, you will capture enough of their equipment that outfitting your squad with Covenant weapons is very doable.
   1. Covenant Weapons: I have not used these enough to comment on them.  Play it yourself if you want to know more.
   2. Human Weapons:
      - The pistols: You have three options with the magnum doing the highest damage, and the other two being a bit less, but more damage.  I prefer the SCOM pistol myself, but ultimately these will end up being backup weapons.  I use these when my main gun runs dry, and you do not have time to reload.
      - The Assault rifles: You have two rifles, the M5AB, or the M37.  They are basically the exact same gun, except with the TUs for the firing action swapped out a bit, and the M5AB has more ammo.  You can fire Double shots (two well aimed, decent range shots), burst (I think three decently aimed, decent range shots), and full auto.  This is a good mid range option and I use it less as an assault rifle and more like a discount LMG.  Good on my support troopers.
      - The BR55: This is a great marksman ship rifle for your sniper troops.  It can fire in highly accurate bursts or auto fire and hits hard enough that a single guy can kill an Elite Minor one on one with the weapon.  This is the weapon of choice for most of my sniper teams.
      - The DMR: An alternative to the BR55, it only fires single shots, but they are of much higher damage.  This is a good weapon for one-shotting any Grunts or Jackals on the map.  Terrible for engaging Elites though.
      - The Sniper Rifle: Actually crappy.  Unlike the other weapons, it has high TU costs so you will only get 2 aimed, or 3 snap shot firings a turn if you stand still.  Each shot does 100 damage which seems like a lot, but when you factor Elite shield strength its actually dog shit.  The gun is overkill on grunts and jackals so you would never shoot them with it.  Meanwhile, Elites have at least 200 shield strength at their weakest, which means you will need at least two shots to break the shield of a weaker one.  Three shots in total to kill it, and that is just a minor.  The other Elites have stronger shields, so you are much better off taking another weapon. 
         + I actually moded the sniper to have 200 damage in an attempt to balance it out to make it more like the first person shooter games where one shot would break a minor's shield.  At 200 damage it becomes more worth it to take.
      - The M7: This smg is okay.  It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it fires a lot of shots and has good ammo capacity.  The aim and range is not great, but in close quarters it can do well.
      - The M7S: The lore uses this as the spec ops SMG for ODSTs, you will call it a sub machine gun, I call it the shield stripper.  I love this thing as it fires a lot of shots, and is pretty accurate.  I put this on all of my scouts, and on a trooper with decent aim they can get a lot of hits on someone with it.  They may not kill an Elite, but they will greatly weaken the shield enough that a marksman with a DMR or BR55 can finish it.
      - Frag Grenades: Mostly useless unless you need some indirect fire like if a guy is hiding on the other side of a hill.
      - Smoke Grenades: Its a staple in every other Openxcom mod, and it will be here too.  Use liberally, especially when exiting a Pelican.
      - Med-kits: A must take as it will keep your guys in the fight longer.  Take especially if you have Spartans as bleeding out with one is painful.

Squad tactics and composition:
   The typical scout-sniper approach works well here as in most games so build around that.  Hide snipers behind smoke or behind cover and use scouts to take on enemies in piecemeal packets.  The biggest thing is to remember to concentrate fire on an Elite to finish him before moving on to the next target.  You will need multiple guys to kill one Elite!  Identify, major threats like anyone holding a Fuel Rod cannon and kill them first.
       - Do not hide guys inside smoke, make sure they are behind smoke and have a bit of distance between the cloud and them as plenty of Elites will be packing energy swords.  Energy swords will one shot anyone, including Spartans, and smoke obscures them and will allow Elites to get close and sneak up on your guys.  You have been warned!
      - Make sure all of your guys are out of the field of your fire.  You will be shooting a lot of shots in this mod and they seem to have some mysterious power to magnetically attract friendly fire.  I have had guys on the other side of the map accidentally hit another fireteam because of the amount of shots they spit out each turn.  Friendly fire is a VERY real possibility here.

   As for squad composition...its whatever works for you.  Personally, I tend to group my troops into three man fire teams since most crafts deploy in some multiple of 3.  The crafts are that follows:
      - Falcon Gunship: 6 men
      - Falcon: 9 men
      - Pelican: 12 men
      - Heavy Frigate: 8 men
      - Light Frigate 12 men

   I tend to use two different fireteams for my missions, the heavy weapons team and the maneuver team.
      - The heavy weapons team consists of three troops with the following loadouts:
         + One guy with a Sniper rifle for heavy hitting and long range damage, and a pistol for backup.
         + One guy with a DMR, a pistol, and a med-kit.  He may also be the team lead or the commander.
         + One guy with a BR55, a Fuel Rod cannon (our only substitute for a rocket launcher since the human version hasn't been implemented yet), and a pistol.

      - The maneuver team:
         + One marksman with a BR55, and a pistol.
         + One support trooper with a M5AB, med-kit and a pistol.
         + One scout with a M7S 'shield stripper', and a pistol.

      I also tend to give every trooper one smoke and one frag grenade.

      For the crafts I tend to do this:
         - Falcon Gunship: 2 maneuver sections (although I will replace one marksman BR55 with a sniper rifle).
         - Falcon VTOL: 2 maneuver sections and one heavy weapons team.
         - Pelican, Light Frigate: 3 maneuver sections, 1 heavy weapons team.
         - Heavy Frigate: 2 maneuver sections, 1 two man heavy weapons team with the Fuel Rod gunner removed.

   This is just some advice on what I found to be effective, and there are many players more experienced than me that can do this better.  You may also have your own playstyle so do whatever works.  I should also note, that all troops come with combat knives built into their characters so melee is possible and viable in close quarters.

The last bit I will mention is about craft deployment.  Falcons and Pelicans are like regular craft in which you will deploy from a VTOL and will be exposed to enemy fire.  Falcons are a bit better as you have two exit points that are raised and can provide good firing platforms for snipers.  Pelicans are more like traditional Skyrangers where you will exit out the back of the craft and are VERY vulnerable to an unluckily placed fuel rod gunner.  The frigates on the other hand, will deploy your troops in drop pods which is pretty cool.  They can shoot out of the drop pod and easily clear an LZ before pushing out with them.  The only danger is that the pods can be dropped right in front of downed enemy craft or squads of enemies.  This can result in things going quite poorly, but that's XCOM.

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - v.N3 20-Dec-2022 Clear Skies
« on: February 10, 2023, 07:25:07 am »
Peasant revolution is probably the easiest path

Interesting.  I will probably play Peasant revolution on my second or third run. 

The game is designed to be beat without a codex, including an alternate craft to get to Cydonia.

Well...maybe I will try a run without it in the (most likely far, far) future. 

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - v.N3 20-Dec-2022 Clear Skies
« on: February 09, 2023, 06:42:16 am »
Thank you all for the advice and a special thanks to Gremlion for your detailed explanation on question 2!  I didn't know about the peasant revolution option...sounds interesting.  How is this different from male touch though?  Is it just cheaper cannon fodder?   Also I didn't know about the fifth option for Codex...I take it that 'rejecting power' is not choosing any codex?  Is it even possible to beat the game this way?

It's also good to know about the UFOpedia thing since I had found it to be pretty reliable in the past for the later XCOM games that came out like 1 and 2.  Their wiki sections on those games for the Long War mods were also very good.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised though since not that many people play UFO Defense/Openxcom and any of its megamods when compared to the more recent games.  I'll check out the baturinsky link, and of course, I will read the in game version.  I would prefer not to die... ;)

XPiratez / Re: [MAIN] XPiratez - v.N3 20-Dec-2022 Clear Skies
« on: February 08, 2023, 04:14:54 am »
Hello everyone, I am a new player looking to start my first game of XPiratez and I had a few questions to ask if anyone is willing?

1. Is there an wiki website anywhere?  I've read the one on UFOpedia, but I get the feeling that's not what people mean when they say 'go read the Bootypedia'.  Can anyone provide a link if so?  I'm hoping for a wiki equivalent with as much detail as there is for the xfiles one.   

2. Is there any real benefit to choosing Male touch over Gals are superior?  I know everyone says the Gals are better by far, but I like the idea of having a mix of both regular humans and mutants as well as boys and gals.  Should I just stick with Gals are superior for my first run?  Also, if you choose Gals can you not recruit men, or if you choose Male touch can you not recruit women?  I'm not too clear on how it works. 

3. Are there any Submods that I should install or are heavily recommended by you guys? 

3a.  I also saw on the UFOpedia version that there's a 'naughty' submod?  The heck is that about and why should I install?  Does it even add any meaningful content?

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.8: The Lunar Protocol
« on: February 03, 2023, 07:11:01 am »
Well over a year. Maybe even two. Though I don't play it to the exclusion of everything else.

Damn, I guess I am normal then.  If Xfiles takes that long to finish then I guess I am doing ok.

Do you feel you need the loot? And do you enjoy the tactical missions? If not, crash sites are not important. Landings eat some of your score, but not huge amounts.

If you feel the game is dragging on, skipping some missions or debugging yourself through the tedious ones is the way to go, IMO.

No way I need the loot...I have over 100 million in the bank at this point and I have even spent a few months pulling BS strategies just because I've run out of things to really spend the money on.  I am at the point to where X-com can just watch piles of money burn and laugh while doing it.  I don't even bother selling a lot of the loot and I just stock endless amounts of elirum, alloys, and plasma guns in one of my warehouses.  I have so many scientists and engineers that research and production are of no consequence and I have over 200 soldiers under my command (is there a force limit like in the original?   I think it was 256 troops?).  The UFO landing/crash missions are getting tedious so I think Juku is right about skipping or debugging my way through those.  That is what I ended up having to do in the Imperial Guard campaign of the 40k mod since there were so many missions and bases popping up that it just got to be too much.  Thanks for the advice!

Xpiratez is at least 5 times longer than XComFiles!

Holy shit.  :o

And due to codexes you are advised to play Xpiratez at least 4 times!

5 x 4 is 20 times longer than XComFiles.  What are these codexes and their frightening power?!  I think I'm going to have to comprise a list of questions and move over to the Xpiratez forum when I get ready to start the campaign.  When I entered XComFiles I had no idea what I was going into so I figure I might as well do some research before jumping into something that I won't finish until almost double my current lifespan. 

The X-Com Files / Re: The X-Com Files - 2.8: The Lunar Protocol
« on: February 02, 2023, 06:00:21 am »
Since everyone is being so helpful I figured I would ask a few more questions.

1. How long does it take for you to finish an xfiles campaign?  I don't mean in game years, I mean IRL.  It seems like I have been playing this campaign for a long time, and while I don't regret it I also plan to play xpiratez at some point and I hear it is just as massive as this one, if not more.  I also want to check out a few of the other mods like the Halo one, or x-chronicles.  I'm judging how long it might take to finish since it might take years to play them all at this point.

2. How many missions a month do you average normally?  10? 15? 20?  I imagine less in the early game obviously, but when you really get rolling what would everyone say is normal?  I assault a lot of crashed UFOs (or landed) each month on top of all the other ones that spawn so I am anywhere from 10-20.  Is this normal, or am I doing a lot more than I need to? 

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