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Work In Progress / Re: Servitors (wip)
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:59:56 am »
Just use the code  from my hwp tractors mod and change the range from 2 to 1. You can also use the code from the POWERGLOVE mod but no sound/ hit animation  has been provisioned  into it The sounds and animations of the first generation tractor reflect a blunt object hit with AP ammunition strike .
Thanks for yr proposal, looks like we do very similar mods at the almost same time, lol. Good mod, btw, l found it very useful for my playstile. As for sounds, i was only satisfied with sounds from Fallout2. Sadly, looks like game force us to use only one attack/hit sound and spoils them a lot  :'(

Work In Progress / Servitors (wip)
« on: September 04, 2017, 10:16:25 pm »
  mk1 0.8 - I making mod for myself, new xcom units, hwp-soldiers, to replace rookies in a role of meatshields (cause i don't like it). And to replace dogs in a role of reaction shot-magnet (cause i don't like to use dogs in this way, but it's frequently needed).  Oriented on 1.0(no more) nightly versions oxc and Final Mod Pack.
 Servitors have lots of hp (120 for now), reasonable armor (mk1 is 36-22-22-22) and acuracy (70, but for 2-hd weapons it'll be only 50) but they're very slow (40tu now). All this stats i chosed from the beginning, and through tests i made, looks like it's near optimal. They will not be available from the start of the game, need to learn some of the technologies to open them.
 Still doing Completed 1st model, melee one with second normal hand. Want to do gunner type next. And double-gunner/ gunner-melee 3rd and 4th, if i find how to make (on 1.0 oxc) hwp with 2 weapons (there is no way to do this in 1.0, so it's necessarily to use nightlies for this). Also, making new models is long enough, at least for me, so i decided to do just one another model for now- melee+boltermachine gun. Autogun with HE ammo, mb.
 mk1 1.1 - Actually, mk1 still not complete, need to change weapon type from melee to firearm with 1-square range (and choose proper sounds for it or find new ones, and ,possibly, this is too hard for me) and balance it, and balance overall mk1's stats, it need some buffing...
 mk1 1.2 - 1st servitor is just as fine as i planned it to be. It's cheap, tough, slow, can break obstacles (although, to break something strong will take some time) and can carry enough weight to be usefull pack mule or to use the heaviest guns. Time to proceed to next one...
 mk1 1.3 - graphical fix

mk2 1.0 - initial version, i keep them separated for now, will combine them later...
 Also, i don't know yet what to do - to increase the number of slots for hwp for each aircraft or transfer servitors to soldier-class (if it possible, while ceeping built-in weapons, idk)

Released Mods / Re: Soliders+
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:13:20 am »
I don't know, you had planned or not, but you've got a veteran worser than the rookie (rebel fighter) in all though (especially in TU: 20 less)  and is more expensive to hire. Clone is also worser than a rookie in starting stats. Moreover, clone and Android more expensive to hire and pay than a rebel, but they all have the same maximum stats caps. And in overall, all units have same stats caps, and only slightly different (10 more on max) initial stats. Actually, thereis no difference at recruiting rebel or lawman except cost: 10k against 30k. Thats about rebel, police and veteran.
 Clone and android, i wanted some kind of them for a looong time, but they should need new unique research (or, at least, binding with existing one). Possibly, need to somehow bind it to using dead soldiers corpses in manufacturing (it has a attractive smell of technoNecromancy))... Perhaps, android should somehow have differences from human heads or entirely new models... clone should be cheap in wage, android definitely needs to be more efficient in some way than humans... Thats'll be quite fine but not necessarily.
 - All i mean, it's just mad to recruit them at start of game, and they have no differences from rookies exc. cost)

Work In Progress / Re: Weapon Rework/Expansion - Version 0.8
« on: August 28, 2017, 06:47:13 am »
Bad thing that it's 1 ruleset for everything now :'( I used mod for awesome ballistic weapon's 2dmodels and only sligtly changed ruleset for them... Now art is even better, but looks like it's cost me hours to create ruleset just for firearms.
Not hours, actually) Already made automatic grenade launcher ofmydreams (need to research thanks to finalmodpack) to replace ooldgood m79, only need to take new perfectly suitable images to it :P and my artillery dudes will be satisfied ;D

Work In Progress / Re: [ARMOR] Gas-mask equipment
« on: January 09, 2015, 02:34:49 pm »
Cool mod, i remake it the way in my opinion is better. Masks are supplied with light kevlar grey-black vest (from "Combat - Uniform Armors", but not so strong - 16 front armor), all together it weighs little and costs a little more. Craftable from start (just little cheaper than from shop). All working, but not compatible with original, cause i just replaced.
sor for bad english

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