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Hardmode Expansion - Credits
« on: April 06, 2015, 12:23:51 pm »
#Hardmode Expansion Mod by hellrazor
#Credits for Version

Licence Notice:
   All content from Hobbes Terrain Pack Mod Version 4.3 is under a Creatvie Common Licence!

   The XCOM Terrain Pack and its contents are being distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

   This license gives you the freedom to distribute and modify its materials for non-commercial proposes only and requires you to provide proper attribution.

   For proper attribution you need to include on your mod's credits a mention to Terrain Pack as well as to include the repository link ( as well as the specific terrain(s) you are using and their author(s) and their author's original mod page, if it exists.

   In alternative, you can simply credit the entire pack on the top section of your authors/credits file because of its overall importance to your mod, while providing the above repository link.

   Any derivatives made from the XCOM Terrain Pack also have the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, which means that you cannot alter the original materials and share the modified versions without giving them the same CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (

   You can find a full list of the authors along with the terrains and the versions/variants they contributed to on the AUTHORS file provided together with this LICENSE.

   This license is irrevocable and permanent as long as you fully comply with these conditions.

   Failure to comply with the terms stated above will result in an initial warning. If necessary, it will be followed by proper reporting of the license violation to the host site, and if the violation continues, revocation of your license and permission to use/modify/distribute the Terrain Pack.

Credits go to:
   Everyone in #openxcom
   Everyone in #openxcom @Discord
   Everyone in the OXC community, which somehow provided feedback, bugreports etc..

      - developing the modpack
      - testplaying and debugging
      - adding details
      - balancing
      - For OpenXcom (Dude you made my dreams about X-Com come to reality!!!)
      - For the patience to listen to my questions
      - For fulfilling many feature requests
      - For being receptive to sloppely Bug Reports
      - For his contributions to the OpenXcom project
      - For his patience dealing with a lot of my question
      - For the Reproduction Mod
      - For the Shotgun Mod
      - For the AlloyVest Sprite
      - For the Sectopod HWP
      - For the Combat Knife
      - For inspiring me with his modding work and his fanfiction UFO Book!
      - For answering many of my questions
      - For his awesome Terrainpack Mod
      - For many of the World News Strings
      - For a lot of Sprites Conversions for Civilians
      - For the AlloyVest
      - For the Plasma Sniper Rifle
      - For several UfoPaedia Techpics
      - For the SolarsNewUFO's Mod (Which i took the freedom to bugfix and made loads of new map variants for)
      - For AI routing for the Railyard UFO2000 terrain conversion, additional maps and tile images for Commercial UFO2000 terrain conversion.
      - For contributing to the YetMoreUFOs Mod from which is took a lot of the initial UFO Maps
      - For a lot of Sprites for Civilians
      - Fir disagreeing with me (Honestly!)
      - For the Alloy Knife sprites
      - For a lot of Sprites for Civilians
      - For the Commendations Mod
      - For his OpenXcom Modding tools ( )
        The Sprite converter is so essential to my work!!
      - For the Elerium Bomb, which gave birth to some more bombs ;)
      - For the Incendiary Grenade
   Ivan Dogovich:
      - For the Vanilla HandObSprites
      - For the Combat Knife HitSound
      - For the Install Video for OpenXcom and Mods
      - For the additional Drone Sprites
      - For the Commendations Mod
      - For the Alloy Ground Tanks
      - For the Blue Smoke Grenade Sprites
      - For the Improved Interceptor (Retaliator)
      - For the PowerSuit/FlyingSuit Inventory sprites
      - For the Alloy Tanks Corpsesprite
      - For the Alternate Explosionsprites
      - For the Heavy Laser Auto Sprites
      - For the Taser Pistol
      - For the Grenade Launcher
      - For the Grey Armored Vest
      - For the original Drones Sprite
      - For the Grey Armored Vest
      - For the Gazer Aliens
      - For the Waspite Aliens
      - For the alternate Smokesprite
      - For the Matching Laser Weapon Sprites
      - For the Matching Plasma Weapon Sprites
      - For the Matching Standard Weapons
      - For the New Blaster Launcher Sprites
      - For the Muton Elite Guard Sprites
      - For the Muton Elite Guard Inventory Picture
      - For the Muton Elite Ufopaedia Pictures
      - For the Sectoid Elite Sprites
      - For the Tileset graphics for the Atlantis Desert and Mu Jungle terrains
      - For the Muton Berserker Sprites and 1 Sound
      - For a lot of UFO Maps variants (Which I had the pleasure to rework and bugcheck and slightly expand)
      - For the initial design of the Expanded Ubase Maps (I had great pleasure expanding those ;))
      - For the initial design of the Expanded Terror Maps (Bugfixing those was a pain!)
      - For the Vanilla Alien Inventory Sprites
      - For the Sectopod HWP
      - For the new Plasma Hit Animation
      - For the Plasma Melee Weapons
      - For the Custom HitAnimations for the Combat Knife, Alloy Knife and Alloy Sword
      - For the PlasmaShotgun (Deadliest weapon ever after Blaster Launchers =))
      - For the Elerium Rocket
      - For the recolored Medikit Sprites
      - For the Blue Smoke Grenade and StunGrenade HandOb
      - For the Recolor of HeavyLaserAuto sprites
      - For the Jumpsuit Ufopaedia ruleset
      - For the initial Fastramp ruleset
      - For the UFOPaedia entry for Jumpsuits
      - For the Alloy Knife
      - For the Alloy Sword Sprites
      - For the Improved TU reserve Sprite
      - For the Kneeling Indicator
      - For the Alloy Ammo
      - For the enhanced Power and Flying Suit Sprites
      - For the Muton Berserker Sounds
      - For the Skystriker UfoPaedia Picture
      - For his nicely done Battleship Variants
      - For the AlloyVest
      - For the Field Medi Pack Sprites
      - For the Muton Elite Sprites
      - For the Laser Sectopod Ruleset
      - For the Flashbang Grenade Sprites
      - For the Vanilla Alien Inventory Sprites
      - For the Alloy Cannon UfoPaedia picture
      - For the Commendations Mod
      - For the Better Personal Armor Sprites
      - For the Sectopod HWP
      - For the SniperRifle
      - For the StunGrenade
      - For the enhanced Vanilla Flying Suits Spriteset.
      - For helping me balancing PSI values
      - For helping formulate many of the new NEWS strings, Muton Berserker Texts
   Nachtwolf & Voller:
      - For the Dawn City tilesets images (originally developed for UFO2000)
      - For the Industrial terrain design (originally developed for UFO2000)
   Twilight Owl:
      - For the original Airfield UFO2000 terrain
      - For the PSXCutscenes Mod
      - For the Zero Content Base mod (
      - For the OpenXcom Nationalities expanded Mod (
      - Ufopaedia Graphics for:
      - for the final version of the commendation sprite
      - for the XCOM1 Visual Upgrade mod, I ripped some assets from
      - for supporting me with a Wiki: (Big Thanks Dude!)

   All translaters on the TRANSIFEX project (you guys are awesome)

This list is for sure not complete.
If i forgot someone, or something is incorrect, please let me know.

As required by Hobbes Terrain Pack Mod Version 4.3, i also do list the Terrain Pack Authors in Detail:

* Lead Developer (
* TFTD and UFO2000 terrains ports to OpenXCom format
* Biome system for Geoscape texture and Tactical terrains

Scott T Jones
* Creator of the XComUtil tool for the original game (

* Creator of the original MapView tool) ( - working Windows 10 version included on the Modding Tools folder
* PCKView editor - (

Sergei Semaskho
* Lead Developer of the UFO2000 project (
* Host of the UFO2000 Multiplayer Server, now offline

* UFO2000 Developer

* MCDEdit editor - ( included on the Modding Tools folder

* Creator of BB's Toolkit for XCOM (

* Creator of the OXC World Editor website (

* WORLD.DAT editor - ( included on the Modding Tools folder
* OpenXCom developer

SupSuper (
* OpenXCom developer (
, MapView Compatibility (Windows 10)
* Bugs and technical issues

Warboy1982 (
* OpenXCom developer (
* Bugs and technical issues

* Author of the Mudranger APC craft (

Meridian (
* OpenXCom Extended developer (,22.0.html)
* Bugs and technical issues

* OpenXCom Extended developer (,22.0.html)
* Bugs and technical issues


* ALIEN BASE - UFO2000 original terrain, converted UBASE XCOM terrain
* CYDONIA BASE - UFO2000 original terrain, converted MARS XCOM terrain
* UFO YARDS - UFO2000 original terrain, converted UFO craft maps from XCOM

* INDUSTRIAL - UFO2000 original terrain

* COLD ISLE - OpenXCom original terrain (,4680.0.html)

* SAND CASTLE - UFO2000 original terrain, original artwork

* ALIENCOLONY - OpenXCom terrain for Alien Base Assault.
* APARTMENT - UFO2000 and OpenXCom terrains, conversion of CITY XCOM terrain .
* AREA 51- XCOM original terrain, converted to OpenXCom (WIP).
* AREA 51 FORT - XCOM original terrain, converted to OpenXCom (WIP).
* CITY - XCOM original terrain.
* CITY2 - XCOM original terrain, new map blocks for URBAN XCOM terrain.
* CULTAFARM - OpenXCom, conversion of MODIFIED FARM UFO2000 terrain.
* DESERT versions of POLAR, SAVANNA, STEPPE TAIGA and TUNDRA biomes, by reusing XCOM original files.
* DESERT MOUNT - OpenXCom, combined DESERT and MOUNT XCOM terrains with versions of POLAR, SAVANNA, STEPPE TAIGA and TUNDRA biomes.
* FARM WITH UFOS - UFO2000 original terrain.
* FORT - XCOM original terrain.
* FOREST - versions of POLAR, SAVANNA, STEPPE TAIGA and TUNDRA biomes.
* FOREST MOUNT - OpenXCom, retextured and combined FOREST and MOUNT XCOM terrains, with versions of POLAR, SAVANNA, STEPPE TAIGA and TUNDRA biomes.
* FOREST_POLAR - OpenXCom, combined FOREST and POLAR XCOM and textured according to globe textures, with versions of POLAR, SAVANNA, STEPPE TAIGA and TUNDRA biomes.
* HIVE - XCOM original terrain, converted to OpenXCom (WIP).
* HWP FACTORY - XCOM original terrain
* JUNGLE_MOUNT - OpenXCom, combined JUNGLE and MOUNT XCOM terrains.
* JUNGLE_POLAR - OpenXCom, combined JUNGLE and POLAR XCOM terrains.
* MAD CITY - UFO2000, conversion of CITY2 XCOM terrain, with landed UFO and Snow versions.
* MODIFIED FARM - UFO2000, new map blocks for CULTA XCOM terrain.
* MOUNT - OpenXCom, combined POLAR, TUNDRA and MOUNT XCOM terrains.
* NATIVE - UFO2000 original terrain, and converted to XCOM, Terror Site, Escape and UFO versions.
* POLIS - UFO2000 original terrain and POLISURBAN - OpenXCom, conversion of POLIS UFO2000 terrain.
* RAILYARD - UFO2000 original terrain, and Escape variant.
* SKYRANGER FACTORY - UFO2000 original terrain.
* SLUM - UFO2000 original terrain and ported to OXC, and Escape variant.
* SIBERIA - UFO2000 original terrain, converted to OpenXCom (WIP), and Escape variant.

* TERRAIN PACK 1 XCOM - unreleased, would have included AREA51, CITY, DAWN CITY, INDUSTRIAL, NATIVE and PORTUFO XCOM terrains.

Hobbes & Solarius Scorch & Dioxine
* COMMERCIAL - OpenXCom, conversion of CITY XCOM terrain, expanded with additional map blocks by Solarius and artwork by Dioxine.

* ALIEN BASE++ (UBASE++) - UFO2000 original terrain, converted from UBASE XCOM terrain.

* ARCTIC CITY - UFO2000 original terrain, retextured URBAN XCOM terrain.

* DOWNTOWN - UFO2000 original terrain.

* EXPANDEDTERROR - OpenXCom original terrain, also a part of the Community Map Pack (

MKSheppard & Gix & Hobbes
* Geoscape cities, countries and Country Zones - Improved Nations mod (

Nachtwolf & Hobbes & Voller
* DAWN CITY - XCOM and UFO2000 original terrain, ruleset and artwork by Nachtwolf & Voller, map/tileset design and port to the original XCOM game by Hobbes.

* MOONBASE - UFO2000 original terrain.

* Mudranger APC - original download location

Twilight Owl
* ABANDONED BASE - UFO2000 original terrain.
* AIRFIELD - UFO2000 original terrain.

BEACHES OF NORMANDY - UFO2000 original terrain, original artwork.
EASTER ISLAND - UFO2000 original terrain, conversion of ISLAND TFTD terrain.
PAINTBALL FIELD - UFO2000 original terrain, original artwork.
PLANE CRASH SITE - UFO2000 original terrain, conversion of PLANE TFTD terrain.

Volutar & Hobbes
* WORLD.DAT - Globe Expansion.

* STORM MOUNTAIN - UFO2000 original terrain.

Several UFO2000 authors (uncredited - project frozen in development for more than a decade, official forums offline)
* MODIFIED CITY - UFO2000 original terrain, new map blocks for URBAN XCOM terrain.
* WAREHOUSE - UFO2000 original terrain
* XBASE+ - UFO2000 original terrain, conversion of XBASE XCOM terrain.

XOps & Hobbes
* ATLANT (TFTD) DESERT - OpenXCom, converted and combined DESERT XCOM and MU TFTD terrains.
* MU (TFTD) JUNGLE - OpenXCom, converted and combined JUNGLE XCOM and ATLANT TFTD terrains, additional artwork by XOps.

* All of these terrains reuse and adapt the tilesets and artwork of the original XCOM and TFTD games terrains. It is impossible to provide in detail. the use/changes made to the tilesets (.MCD/.PCK/.TAB files) but the list specifies the terrains where original/additional artwork made by the authors was included.
* Porting of UFO2000 original terrains to XCOM/UFO2000 required creating the necessary .RMP files for the AI to spawn and move the alien units.
* Porting UFO/TFTD terrains to UFO2000 mainly required creating the .lua map generation files.
* Combined terrains for OpenXCom was mostly done through OpenXCom map script rulesets, without changes done to the terrain's original files.
* Enlarged terrains are those with new map blocks (.MAP and .RMP files) designed and added to the original version.
* Hobbes' XCOM and UFO2000 terrains were hosted at, the offline version can be consulted through this address at the Internet Wayback Machine. The original site files have been all included in the pack, in the Original Files folder. Several of those mods are still available to download at (

Feedback/Bug Reporting/Fixes/Other

Solaris Scorch, Dioxine, Arthanor, JStank, davide, Falko, Aldorn, Mr Quiet, robin, niculinux, the_third_curry, XCOMFan419, BBHood217, ivandogovich, VSx86, MKSheppard, Recruit69, wsmithjr, Vulgar Monkey, myk002, XOps, Infini, pkrcel, new_civilian, TaxxiDriver, BlackLibrary, bladum, volutar, Yankees, shadics, Goldy, Gifty, hellrazor, SIMON, tollworkout, Ridan, Buscher and clownagent.

Finally a big thanks for Warboy1982, Supsuper, Daiky and the rest of the developers for their amazing work with OpenXcom, to NineX for the mod site and hosting the wiki, and to Yankees and Meridian for their work with OXCE.

If you feel that the credits are wrongly attributed, please inform the Terrain Pack authors to clarify and correct the issue.


XCOM (UFO: Enemy Unknown/XCOM: UFO Defense)

TFTD (XCOM: Terror From The Deep)
* MU
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