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A few issues
« on: April 30, 2021, 12:38:28 pm »
A few issues noticed when playing X-Com Files mod but was told are vanilla OpenXCom things. Since I was suggested to report it here, here I am:

- Sometimes when I try to throw a grenade or shoot something in particular location, I get information that the location is inaccessible. Very commonly happening with throwing grenades through windows. However, if one keeps clicking, sometimes the game actually will still allow to throw that grenade/shoot and then there's even some chance it will actually get where one hopes it would. Enemies can still shoot and hit troopers at angles player is unable to return fire from despite neither the enemy nor the trooper moving at all.

- An alien ran out of ammo and then its AI just went crazy - it ran to my vehicle, to the pile of items in it and kept going back and forth, as if it was trying to equip human weapons there, be denied, go away and then try again.

- A typo in Alien Reproduction entry: "short space of time". I assume it was meant to be "span of time".