Author Topic: Soldier Stats in Soldiers list w/sort  (Read 1501 times)

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Soldier Stats in Soldiers list w/sort
« on: February 22, 2013, 09:40:15 am »
Sometimes I like to buy 100 soldiers, that's how I get 10+ soldiers with 90+ psyStr. That's 100 soldiers to click through and 100 soldiers to individually sell.

Sometimes I just want to know who has the lowest fireing acc/bravery/psy str/reactions so that I can deny them proper armor and weaponry in the hopes that they die a bit sooner.

Sometimes I just want to know how badass my squad is.

My idea is to have perhaps ~4-6 columns in the soldiers list of the basescape, or however many can fit cleanly. Clicking on a stat in the column header would re-order soldiers by that stat, and right-clicking it would open a pop-up that allows you to select a different stat for that column.

Craft order however should be separate from the order soldiers are currently displayed in, so that you don't loose your order every-time you check for psy-noobs.  Maybe a "reset" button would revert the table back to craft order. Ideally I would have the reset button grayed-out until the player re-orders on a column and a separate  button to commit the new order to the craft order, in case you want the psy-noobs in the front or something.

I hope the way I described this isn't too confusing.