Author Topic: Forum 60 minute log in default setting is a...feature  (Read 754 times)

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Forum 60 minute log in default setting is a...feature
« on: December 12, 2019, 03:24:10 pm »
I logged in after 5 years. Because the mod TWoTS is so great.

On clicking log in, i noticed that the marker for "staying logged in" wasn´t set. But it was to late. The page was loading.

I then typed feedback for over an hour for the mod TWoTS. Luckily I pressed CTRL+A, CTRL+C to copy and safe my text before clicking "Reply".
The next screen....i was logged out, the text was gone. And I was in an empty mask where I could create a new forum post.  For 3 seconds I was like WWWWWHHHHHAAAAAT?????
From experience I know, that this feature is bad. I have lost text like that. More then once. That´s why today I do CTRL+A, CTRL+C before sending.
Maybe you want to take a look into your forum software. On some forums you can even click "PAGE back" by accident. When you go "PAGE forward", your text is still there. What a smart feature.
I can´t link to any examples. But in the past I used forums where such a thing like loosing your text can´t happen so easy.
I believe GITHUB has such features, if I remember right.

One can always argue that the biggest issue with computers sits right in front of the screen. ;-) But there are some really nice features out there to make reduce the impact of that issue.