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Re: Mission zones examples
« Reply #30 on: December 09, 2019, 10:36:24 pm »
@ohartenstein: can you check if this syntax is correct?

the command with STARPYRAMID doesn't seem to consider globeTerrain, the rest does
(on the other hand, I don't see any pyramid either, so no idea if the mapblock is even correct, or what exactly should it do)

The syntax does look correct, it should respect globeTerrain and I'm not sure why it's not.

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Re: Mission zones examples
« Reply #31 on: December 09, 2019, 10:54:47 pm »
Please check if the StarPyramid terrain has its asset map in the mod. I remember I copy the asset over. Just in case.

I can't find anything called starpyramid in the maps folder.


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Re: Mission zones examples
« Reply #32 on: December 09, 2019, 11:29:15 pm »
It must be in the other build. I will test it tonight and let you know off the news. I will attach a copy of the map later. Can’t do much while working.  And guys, I want to thank you very much for your kindness and generosity, in time and help to help me solve this issue.


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Re: Mission zones examples
« Reply #33 on: December 10, 2019, 05:41:23 am »
To give you some perspective... I have over 150 requests on my todo-list and over 80 more requests on "rejected-but-maybe-reconsider-list".

Give me one good reason why I should do your requests before other people's requests?

Hi Meridian, I have given some thought to your question, now, I believe I can answer it in full.

Luke83 will be releasing his globe with sea terrain texture in the near future. He has made excellent progress so far. When and once he does, it will be open season for Hybrid Modding. The flood gate will open and I can’t think of no other reason why other modder will not jump in on the wagon.  Previously inaccessible sea terrain will be wide open for exploitation.

This will make TFTD obsolete(I think it might) and Hybrid mods will be the next era in UFO modding. You sir, will have the opportunity to be the grand architect and door keeper to enable it. You describe OXCE is about new gameplay experience and this is as pure as new gameplay can get. Underwater combat with human factions and etc. With this new era open up, most of the vital pieces of setting up a Hybrid game is already there. Like Underwater and land Aliendeployment, Alienrace has land and sea version. However, there are still missing tools in helping us modders to boldly venture into this new era.

Underwater Hanger.
Underwater interception.

Those are the two left, by logical assessment. However, Hanger with specific craft using it, with a permission flag, instead of the hard way of 1+ craft sharing it, is a lot easier to implement I believe.

You want 4 craft to a hanger just use 4 1x1 hanger slot with some graphical software to make the craft sprite to fit. This save a base up with more room for base facilities and you can have different hanger type. For this feature opens up a lot in new game play like base facilities management and enhancement. Also you probably might kill a few bird off with one analogy to a few similar request made.

The underwater interception part is purely for the hard core hybrid fans and authentic salad dressing. I believe I raised a feature request for this. It is not urgent.

With Underwater Hanger, we will have all the necessary functionality and tools for Hybrid modding.

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Re: Mission zones examples
« Reply #34 on: December 10, 2019, 09:58:13 am »
In conclusion of this thread.

Hi Meridian, @ohartenstein, I wish to reply happily the error I have experienced is mine in the making. I used two version of the mod. Test and final version, some files are missing from the test.

Tonight, after copying over the missing files, the problem melts away.

Again, I wish to thank you especially Meridian and also Ohartenstein, for the contribution of your valuable time and help in the troubleshooting of my mod. Your effort is not in vain because this thread will serve as a valuable tutorial for those whom seek to create new missionzones in a hybridmod.

For me, the lessons I learn from this is in many multitudes.

1) Always check what is missing, before troubling the valuable time of others.

2) Debug mode in OXCE is vital and very helpful.

3) When creating Missionzones, always check if Prime Meridian is crossed. Otherwise error will occur.

4) Always check if terrain texture in globe is correct, before assuming the error is elsewhere.

This is a learning and revealing experience.

The new methodologies I have gleamed from this experience, would certainly make my future modding a lot easier.

Meridian thank you for sharing the tips, of how you use the debug mode to troubleshoot the game.

All I ask is, if possible, please delete my mod. When it is ready, I will send you the final version.   


Ps Here is a photo of the Star Pyramid.