Author Topic: [ISSUE] OXCE and memory allocation for extraSounds/type: BATTLE.CAT  (Read 2012 times)

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There is an issue with OXCE 5.1, "extraSounds" and RAM allocation.

i've just added ~50 ambient sounds with "extraSounds/type: BATTLE.CAT" (ogg format, about 100mb in total).

And Main menu/X-Piratez 99j8 WITH "ambient sounds 100mb" mod consume MUCH MORE RAM. ~1500+mb!

For example, OXCE 5.1 (main menu/X-Piratez 99j8 without "ambient sounds" mod) eat something like 250mb RAM

A few tweaks later (27 files in ogg format, 29mb in total):
Main menu/X-Piratez 99j8 WITH "ambient sounds 29mb" consume ~820+mb.

It would be nice to change the way it works with memory.

p.s.: Mod prototype for testing purpose (17mb):
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