Author Topic: [UFO] [TFTD] [SOLDIERS] Celebrate Anonymity (Anonym and Timmynym 0.9)  (Read 2281 times)

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This mod removes almost all identifying information from new, incoming soldiers! Ratios of sex and race are kept broad so as to capture and then almost entirely eliminate the wide range of human origins and experience.
In this .zip you will find four folders. anonym and anonym2 are UFO and TFTD mods, respectively, which if enabled will create names from a list of Greek letters (Alpha, Gamma, Delta, etc.) and a list of integers ranging from 1 to 100.
As you can see, this makes each soldier distinct, yet also completely anonymous.

There's no particular loss of variety in appearance. All your favorites are still there. However, they all share a common bond: they have given up all they are to become members of X-Com.


Perhaps that's too much. Perhaps you would miss Chi 25. You've become attached, and that makes it harder to order him to his swift demise. That's where Timmynym comes in.

One of your soldiers die? In the words of the great science educator Mister Lizard, "We're going to need another Timmy."

Now you can happily send every last one of these smug meatbags to their deaths, with the knowledge that you didn't know a darn thing about any of them.


On the one hand, I really wanted to start renaming my soldiers as they began to earn their reputations. On the other hand, I really couldn't say goodbye to such wonderful names as Umberto Colado or Iida Rie. The simplest solution, obviously, was to make certain no such names ever passed before my eyes. Initially this took the form of recruiting every soldier from a meat locker, with the simple name Fresh Meat. When psi-screening by exposure or when
tracking who had gained psi experience over the course of the battle, however, I found the degree of anonymity too great. It became necessary to create a mod which rendered them anonymous, but not unidentifiable.
It has been brought to my attention that the Meat Locker mod, and by extension the Anonym and Timmynym mods, would be useful for streamers who wish to name their soldiers after viewers or friends.
As to why I made the Timmy mod, I figured as long as I had a Meat Locker mod, I may as well have a Timmy mod, 'cause I became mad with power.


The file contains four folders:
- Open your "user" folder (normally Documents/MyGames/Openxcom, though it can be set up differently),
- Place the four folders to the "/mods" folder.
- Enable the mods from the Game Options menu.

If you enable both on any one game, one will take effect and not the other; I have not tested this extensively, but the result on a simple test was that Timmy took precedence. These mods are not intended to be in any way compatible; their goals are nearly antithetical.

If you find any bugs in these extremely simple mods, do bring them to my attention. Otherwise, I consider these a success, but I leave open the possibility of major bugs for which I haven't tested; 0.9 is the release, but could easily have been 1.0 had I put more time into testing.

0.9: First release

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Re: [UFO] [TFTD] [SOLDIERS] Celebrate Anonymity (Anonym and Timmynym 0.9)
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In some Armed Forces and elsewhere  for not a few of their training courses, trainees, cadets, prisoners or whatever would be given a designation of  a letter followed by a number i.e. Y-100 through Y-150 (more or less depending on class /  company  size)