Author Topic: Normal idea: Assassination/kidnap mission  (Read 2093 times)

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Normal idea: Assassination/kidnap mission
« on: November 08, 2017, 12:16:55 pm »
I have an idea for the bounty hunting mission: politician assassination. Politician can be civilian unit (or the new one) and the only goal is to kill him (her). His elimination should earn negative points, but also the trophy.
Politician should have got bodyguards dependent on bounty mission level:
  • Military police
  • Various faction security or bodyguards
  • Spartans
  • Government agents or elite soldiers
  • Mercenaries
Maybe, in the highest bounty hunt level the target can be Star god.
But I am not sure if the game can give you bounty for the kill, without the corpse dragged to the ship.
Some missions should require infiltration gear, other can be with full gear.

With the minor tweaks of the idea it can be a kidnap mission. The trophy should be given for captured VIP, regardless of status of its bodyguards. Negative score for bodyguards casualties can force you do not terminate them.

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Re: Normal idea: Assassination/kidnap mission
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 02:03:59 pm »
This sounds more like an Idea for the X-Files Mod.

X-Piratez shouldn't care too much about political things and instead about looting and 'getting smart again'.
This assassination thingy feels kinda like the Eurosyndicate Deal. An optional mission that punishes you for doing the job AND ignoring it. Either against the mutant alliance people or against the government (sporting the complete arsenal of government units + tanks + general). At least you get 200.000 in 'old money' you can sell to Zaxx for exchange chips and tokens.

Also what Customer is going to give you this bounty mission? I hope Goblin Zaxx since Jack/Mut. Alliance has the most frequent popup of missions currently. You can use the 'assassination trophy -Item' for the killing reward but in case you're going to force the player to use hit and run, you'd still need to salvage the item manually before escaping. If you have to get this close you can also go for K.O.

Code-wise the game would've to know that bringing either the trophy OR the K.O. unit back to the craft/escape zone leads to a successful mission, otherwise it would be just a normal abort-mission treated as 'failed'.

It's not really the name of the game to go smooth and sneaky. Even infiltration-gear-only allows to bring all sorts of grenades. More a question of 'how good can i conceal my guns and knifes to wreck havoc behind enemy lines'.