Author Topic: Current Known Ironman Veteran Speedrun WR - 3:18:57  (Read 2093 times)

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Current Known Ironman Veteran Speedrun WR - 3:18:57
« on: November 18, 2016, 01:44:06 am »
No idea if there is another video out there.  I cannot find anything at all.

Options set:
Using OpenXcom
-custom starting base(it takes time to setup so I think it should be allowed)
-grenades can be primed before mission
-grenades go off if 0 and thrown(works for both sides)
-psi ops at anytime(never get that far anyway)
-max speed settings in global and battlescape
-1.5xview battlescape

If anyone wants to contest that there is another WR that isn't ran by a TAS, I am more than willing to check it out.  Otherwise for now, I will consider it "WR".

Sorry for meh video quality.  I can only stream at about 1200bitrate and put this at 720x480.

If you want to check out more: .  Been also attempting Ironman Superhuman and TFTD Ironman Veteran speedruns as well.  The end goal for all of this effort is to get in at AGDQ or SGDQ within the next year!  Would be awesome to see X-Com (DOS) featured there.

Thanks for checking it out.  Route can definitely be better.  I use 1 hour instead of 1day which would save time.  Some battles needed to go better.  I also think it may be better to NOT defend a base anymore.  Just let it fall for time.
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