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Hardmode Expansion - Credits
« on: April 06, 2015, 12:23:51 pm »
#Hardmode Expansion Mod by hellrazor
#Credits for Version 0.99.7
Credits go to:
   Everyone in #openxcom @freenode
   Everyone in the OXC community, which somehow provided feedback, bugreports etc..

      - developing the modpack
      - testplaying and debugging
      - adding details
      - balancing
      - For OpenXcom (Dude you made my dreams about X-Com come to reality!!!)
      - For the patience to listen to my questions
      - For fulfilling many feature requests
      - For being receptive to sloppely Bug Reports
      - For his contributions to the OpenXcom project
      - For his patience dealing with a lot of my question
      - For the Reproduction Mod
      - For the Shotgun Mod
      - For the AlloyVest Sprite
      - For the Sectopod HWP
      - For the Combat Knife
      - For inspiring me with his modding work and his fanfiction UFO Book!
      - For answering many of my questions
      - For his awesome Terrainpack Mod
      - For many of the World News Strings
      - For the AlloyVest
      - For the Plasma Sniper Rifle
      - For several UfoPaedia Techpics
      - For the SolarsNewUFO's Mod (Which i took the freedom to bugfix and made loads of new map variants for)
      - For AI routing for the Railyard UFO2000 terrain conversion, additional maps and tile images for Commercial UFO2000 terrain conversion.
      - For contributing to the YetMoreUFOs Mod from which is took a lot of the initial UFO Maps
      - Fir disagreeing with me (Honestly!)
      - For the Alloy Knife sprites
      - For a lot of Sprites for Civilians
      - For the Commendations Mod
      - For his OpenXcom Modding tools ( )
        The Sprite converter is so essential to my work!!
      - For the Elerium Bomb, which gave birth to some more bombs ;)
      - For the Incendiary Grenade
   Ivan Dogovich:
      - For the Vanilla HandObSprites
      - For the Combat Knife HitSound
      - For the Install Video for OpenXcom and Mods
      - For the additional Drone Sprites
      - For the Commendations Mod
      - For the Alloy Ground Tanks
      - For the Blue Smoke Grenade Sprites
      - For the Improved Interceptor (Retaliator)
      - For the PowerSuit/FlyingSuit Inventory sprites
      - For the Alloy Tanks Corpsesprite
      - For the Alternate Explosionsprites
      - For the Heavy Laser Auto Sprites
      - For the Taser Pistol
      - For the Grenade Launcher
      - For the Grey Armored Vest
      - For the original Drones Sprite
      - For the Grey Armored Vest
      - For the Gazer Aliens
      - For the Waspite Aliens
      - For the alternate Smokesprite
      - For the Matching Laser Weapon Sprites
      - For the Matching Plasma Weapon Sprites
      - For the Matching Standard Weapons
      - For the New Blaster Launcher Sprites
      - For the Muton Elite Guard Sprites
      - For the Muton Elite Guard Inventory Picture
      - For the Muton Elite Ufopaedia Pictures
      - For the Sectoid Elite Sprites
      - For the Tileset graphics for the Atlantis Desert and Mu Jungle terrains
      - For the Muton Berserker Sprites and 1 Sound
      - For a lot of UFO Maps variants (Which I had the pleasure to rework and bugcheck and slightly expand)
      - For the initial design of the Expanded Ubase Maps (I had great pleasure expanding those ;))
      - For the initial design of the Expanded Terror Maps (Bugfixing those was a pain!)
      - For the Vanilla Alien Inventory Sprites
      - For the Sectopod HWP
      - For the new Plasma Hit Animation
      - For the Plasma Melee Weapons
      - For the Custom HitAnimations for the Combat Knife, Alloy Knife and Alloy Sword
      - For the PlasmaShotgun (Deadliest weapon ever after Blaster Launchers =))
      - For the Elerium Rocket
      - For the recolored Medikit Sprites
      - For the Blue Smoke Grenade and StunGrenade HandOb
      - For the Recolor of HeavyLaserAuto sprites
      - For the Jumpsuit Ufopaedia ruleset
      - For the initial Fastramp ruleset
      - For the UFOPaedia entry for Jumpsuits
      - For the Alloy Knife
      - For the Alloy Sword Sprites
      - For the Improved TU reserve Sprite
      - For the Kneeling Indicator
      - For the Alloy Ammo
      - For the enhanced Power and Flying Suit Sprites
      - For the Muton Berserker Sounds
      - For the Skystriker UfoPaedia Picture
      - For his nicely done Battleship Variants
      - For the AlloyVest
      - For the Field Medi Pack Sprites
      - For the Muton Elite Sprites
      - For the Laser Sectopod Ruleset
      - For the Flashbang Grenade Sprites
      - For the Vanilla Alien Inventory Sprites
      - For the Alloy Cannon UfoPaedia picture
      - For the Commendations Mod
      - For the Better Personal Armor Sprites
      - For the Sectopod HWP
      - For the SniperRifle
      - For the StunGrenade
      - For the enhanced Vanilla Flying Suits Spriteset.
      - For helping me balancing PSI values
      - For helping formulate many of the new NEWS strings, Muton Berserker Texts
   Nachtwolf & Voller:
      - For the Dawn City tilesets images (originally developed for UFO2000)
      - For the Industrial terrain design (originally developed for UFO2000)
   Twilight Owl:
      - For the original Airfield UFO2000 terrain
      - For the PSXCutscenes Mod
   All translaters on the TRANSIFEX project (you guys are awesome)

This list is for sure not complete.
If i forgot someone, or something is incorrect, please let me know.
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