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Request Feature.

Items for sale in the market daily have random pricing and stock fluctuation. (Every day, stock and price availability is different)

For example.

A Gun Pistol, available today, but may not be available tomorrow or the next day after. It fact, it might even make an appearance once a month. Its price might fluctuates from its base price, with a +- range.

If the cost of pistol is $200 today, it might cost $500 tomorrow, $100 the next day. Or, it might not even be available for a few weeks. Lastly, when it is in stock, it might even be limited.

Justification- This feature is more aimed toward at the availability of Scientist, Engineers, (and most importantly) Soldier type and Craft. Plus also of highly desirable, powerful and illegal items in a mod game.
This limited stock availability, plus price fluctuation, would force player to be more acutely aware of their resource management and forced to find other ways to meet of their equipment need (like Salvaging and capturing). The difference between having the right equipment and lack of it, can determine the winning of a game or mission.

For example, to meet the need of more Scientist, Engineers and Soldiers. Player would raid bases and capture enemy human soldiers, medics and engineers. So they can be "Interrogated" to be engineers/ Soldiers/ Medic -> Scientist on your side.
(At least this is how my mod would be heading towards)

2 key feature to this (Please note I am not a developer, just offer what feature it needs to make it work)

Feature 1)

Using randomProducedItems: (as an example.)

The mutated version would become.

        - 60
        - Quantitymin: 0 
        - Quantitymax: 0 
(There's a 60% chance that the Item is not available for sale today. If possible, no stock item is hidden from purchase screen.)
        - 20
        - Quantitymin: 1 
        - Quantitymax: 5   
(There's a 20% chance that the Item is available for sale today, with stock ranging between 1 to 5, using random number generation)
        - 30
        - Quantitymin: 5 
        - Quantitymax: -1   
(There's a 30% chance that the Item is available for sale today, with stock ranging between 5 to infinity, using random number generation)

Feature 2)

costBuy: $10000
costBuymin: $500
costBuymax: $100000

Price will fluctuate between $500 to $100000

Please note-
I am aware there's a feature available out there already like manufacturing random items. This requested feature is DIFFERENT because it is for the mass purchasing and selling of items. In my mod, the manufacturing of random items would be heavily featured in salvaging/converting situation. Where tanks, captured soldiers and even aliens are converted to fight for the xcom cause.

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