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Dedicated mod boards rules
« on: October 23, 2015, 08:33:10 am »

As some mods are getting bigger, gain more interest and generate multiple topics, there is now possibility for having dedicated mod board.

This way there can be multiple topics for one mod without spamming general mod board.

Some important information first:
1) Mod with dedicated board isn't supported by OpenXcom team. From OpenXcom team perspective it's just like any other mod.
2) Dedicated board is moderated by mod author(s).

Obviously we can't give every mod it's own board, so there are couple of rules:
1) Mod must be released already and actively developed for some time.
2) Mod must be big enough. It just doesn't make sense to create boards for small mod (with couple of new weapons for example).
3) Mod must have estabilished fan base - interested in contribution (with ideas, art, etc.)

If you want dedicated mod board, please PM me or any other admin. Keep in mind that we can deny your request.
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