Author Topic: Bladum mod [UNFINISHED] [RESOURCES]  (Read 1723 times)

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« on: March 25, 2015, 02:22:14 pm »

I made my mod but its unfinished / Work in process. I am sharing it as i don't have time to work on it anymore. It was designed to be used with my own build based on nighties, at least it was working in January.

Most of the content is taken from forum, i just tweak it a bit. So most of the credits are actually to you ;)

I change almost every aspect of the game so there are new maps, new globe, new units, new weapons etc...  purpose was not to make a mod but to learn all about modding the game it self. My idea was to create a community mod but idea failed.

My own build in git

Complete mod files, should be used only with custom build

I am also adding some screens from mod. I also converted TFTD images to UFO palette.