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Far out idea
« on: June 30, 2010, 11:59:46 pm »
I have an idea. Not sure it's good or even applicable to this project but here goes!

Combine Enemy Unknown with TFTD! I think maybe subcounciously I was inspired by some other idea I've seen mentioned about using TFTD water in the geoscape. But I'm talking about combining both games into one  ;D

Imagine how the game could be - Wouldn't that be great?

Both handling of land and subsea bases, aquanauts and soldiers!
There can be two ways to choose from regarding interception - the seperate (more purist) and the combined. The seperate makes the game more divided in two, however will add "little new" I excpect (famous last words?). The combined interception model would be to enable (maybe only the advanced) UFOs/USOs to dive and surface. Then airborne XCOM craft would initially have to stop interception when the first UCC (unidentified combined craft?) shows up and submerges. An XCOM sub would have to continue the pursue if available. Later on research on UCCs could obviously lead to XCOM UCC manufacture.

I'm sure there are a few challenges if this would be implemented at some point. How would the research be modelled? Maybe that's the part which would be the hardest to stay true to both games. I think a lot of the research would be unconflicting (alien autopsies/interrogations, tech to name a few). But when it comes to the "core concepts" (in lack of better words) I don't know how that would be "merged". I'm talking about the "main story" research (aka Victory sequence according to UFO => [Alien Origins, The Martian Solution, Cydonia or Bust] and TFTD [Alien Origins, Ultimate Threat, Tleth the alien city]. Keeping both would be problematic. Keeping only (either) one would leave the other story incomplete. So if this idea were to be realized properly I'd say it had to be implemented using some kind of combined story.

Maybe I was dreaming...  ::)