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Add options - Zombies Will Hatch - Advanced Chryssalid AI; New Equipment - Chryssalid Dialler

UFOextender option: "Zombies Will Hatch: Zombies will automatically convert to Chryssalids after a few turns. The resulting "mature" Chryssalid will have stats based on game difficulty. Killing a zombie will result in an "immature" Chryssalid emerging. Fire is still the only means to kill a Chryssalid in a zombie. Fire damage slows the hatching process. Any amount of fire damage will delay the Chryssalid's hatching."| - UFOextender

Option: Zombies Will Hatch After Some Turns --> "YES" - "NO" - (default "NO")


Advanced Chryssalid AI.

Chryssalids move first, then Zombies, then Snakemans. Exept a Zombie can move (one tile at a time, if it blocks the Chrysssalid path) to allow the Chryssalid to reach her intended victim.

Snakemans fire only if no risk to kill a Chryssalid, but can sometimes fire on Zombies to kill them (one fire at a time, to not fire on hatched Chryssalid) if they estimate that there is not enough Chryssalids, and when it can be beneficial to transform Civilians or XCom Soldiers (poorly armored) into Chryssalids.

Snakemans do not fire on Civilian/unarmed Soldier if a Chryssalid can reach it next turn.

Chryssalid never hesitates if her intended victim is a disarmed Civilian/XCom Soldier.

Snakeman can call a Chryssalid (by nature, without equipment), so that the Chryssalid attacks Civilians/XCom Soldiers if the Chryssalid has enough TUs to reach them and kill them.

Snakeman can call a Chryssalid by emitting an inaudible cry for the human ear (frequency range of 40,000 Hz), the Chryssalid recognizes this cry as an appel ("there is something to attack here") and moves towards the origin of the sound.

Option: Advanced Chryssalid AI --> "YES" - "NO" - (default "NO")


Change to AI behavior, troops priority.
Generally, the Terror units should move first. And aliens should not fire if there is a risk to hit a terror unit.

The Reaper has a lot of HP and he can sometimes take some risks, but he should never hesitate if his intended victim is a disarmed Civilian/XCom Soldier.

The Reaper should also "run away" when he is near a fire tile on the map.


Perhaps also another option.
Option: More Aggressive Terror Units --> "YES" - "NO" - (default "NO")


New XCom Equipment.

Chryssalid Dialler.

Reseach needed: Live Chryssalid, Chryssalid Autopsy, any rank Live Snakeman.

Research hours: 75
Manufacturing: $4,000 for parts, 50 Engineer Hours.
Workspace: 2
Sell Price: $5,200

Size: 1 high x 1 wide
Weight: 3
TUs: 25% per use.

Effect: This equipment allows to a XCom Soldier to "call a Chryssalid"; he not really "control it", but the Chryssalid(s) located at some distance (to be determined) moves towards the origin of the sound.