Author Topic: [SUGGESTION-UNCUT][#034] Combat - Windows unconscious unit killed explosion  (Read 1015 times)

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Display a window, with an "OK" button, when an unconscious Soldier/Alien/Civilian is killed by an explosion ("Soldier Name/Snakeman Soldier/Civilain has been blasted").

Sometimes there are a lot of explosions, and the player do not gets notification when an unconscious unit is killed by an explosion.

Just like UFOextender "Stunned Units KIA" option:

"Stunned Units KIA: Usually, unconscious units just disappear when they blow up. Now you score the kill when you blast stunned units with explosives (with the experience, morale and all the stuff that goes with it).

In case of XCom units destroyed that way, they'll no longer go MIA but KIA."