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..These beings, these masters, they're colonists.

They overtake worlds. They just consume them..

.. and then they move on to the next. And they have been there before in sort of a trial run. It was the dinosaurs. But the atmosphere wasn't conducive, right? So they waited it out. .. And they waited it out. And now with ozone depletion and carbon monoxide, polluted waters.. well, we've practically terraformed it for them.  Because now they are coming back and it's perfect.

See, the first wave - UFO DEFENSE -, that was just the hounds. Categories 1 through 4, it was nothing. Their sole purpose was to aim for the populated areas...  and to take out the vermin: Us!

The second wave, that is the EXTERMINATORS.

And they will finish the job. And then...  then the new tenants.. will take possession.

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There were giant aliens on Julian Gollop's sprite sheet. Those BIG ones? The large pink, white and orange aliens!