Author Topic: testing the product on dev side  (Read 1480 times)

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testing the product on dev side
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:12:13 pm »
hey guys, have you ever considered using testing the code ? there is a neat thing called gtest and gmock made by google, that helps making tests and mocking classes. I can configure it for visual studio for you. there is a nice tutorial on how to make tests with this, called gtest cookbook or something like that - online and free.

this would enable you to test a lot of things before it gets to the users. for example you can make multiple scenarios checking things like:

1. all units with higher reaction than the walker/shooter are in the reactionist list
2. all units from reactionist list that can shoot, will do so
3. if an better scored reactionist can't shoot, he will not prevent other reactionists from shooting

and so on.

this also boosts the development speed.

basically everything can be tested like this, and this is also an indication of where you need modiffications in your architecture.