Author Topic: Panic in relation with Alien Infiltration  (Read 1666 times)

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Panic in relation with Alien Infiltration
« on: July 02, 2013, 09:52:34 pm »
I was thinking of the panic system with similarities from XCOM Enemy Unknown. Each country has a panic level indicated by a percentage in Funding. Panic determines the country's willingness to support the project. Completing missions, having a base within borders, and shooting down certain alien craft will lower panic, while failing certain missions or letting certain craft escape will increase it. At the start of the game, depending on difficulty from easiest to hardest, panic starts at 40%-45%-50%-55%-60%. The higher the panic, the more likely an infiltration will occur and even succeed and the country will sign a pact with the aliens follow an infiltration. Also, if the panic level reaches 95%-90%-85%-80%-75% in a country, there is a good chance the country will suspend funding until panic lowers 5% below the line. During that time the country suspends funding, the aliens are more likely to infiltrate that country.

50% panic is equivalent to without in regards of aliens starting infiltrations.

Suspension message reads:
"(Country's name) is particularly dissatisfied with your innabilitiy do deal with alien activity within their borders and has regrettably decided to withdraw from the project until performance improves."

Return message reads:
"(Country's name) is pleased with your overall performance improvement and has agreed to fund the Xcom project again."

Infiltration attempt failure due to low panic message reads:
"(Country's name) have rejected a pact with the aliens and have refused to withdraw from the project because of your high overall performance."

I was thinking that option would be listed as Nation Panic.