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After two years of playing, I finally realized that presets for equipping a ship are incredibly cool. I am especially pleased with the fact that the missing equipment can be purchased/produced directly from the hold of the ship. But this is when loading the preset.
But what about creating a preset? I have to remember everything I'm missing, go to the store, buy it, and wait until the order is delivered to the base. But... if the gamer is given the opportunity to order missing items directly from the hold, the situation will become much more joyful. This can be done, for example, using the right mouse button, which is not used here.
And so:
-I select the item I'm missing.
-Then a sequence of screens opens, as with a lack of equipment to apply a preset, but only for one item.
-The purchase/production screen opens for this item. Starting quantity - one
-I specify the required quantity, click OK
What do you say?
Thank you.
Sorry for my English, non-native speaker here.
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