Author Topic: How to use translations (in nightlies / git)?  (Read 185 times)

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How to use translations (in nightlies / git)?
« on: February 27, 2024, 07:32:33 pm »

OpenXCOM does not come with any translations (at least the Linux version doesn't). I'm using the GIT version.

It seems the instructions in and are out of date (what on earth does for_use_openxcom_x-com-1 -part even mean, how does one get this file, why is it mentioned twice???).

First, it seems the game does not look for translations at all in the user home directory, or if it does, I don't know which folder I should use. This would be kind of mandatory when testing translations or pulling the most recent translation zip. I could not get the release nor the git version to find translations from there.

... which brings us to the folder structure and discrepancies in the and the installation.

In /usr/share/openxcom I have:
  • ./common/Language
  • ./standard/xcom1/Language
  • ./standard/xcom2/Language
Out of which all contain only en-GB.yml and en-US.yml;

but the contains a [countrycode].yml files in:
  • . (the root)
  • openxcom.openxcom
  • openxcom.x-com-1
  • openxcom.x-com-2
I.e. four files per translation. Now where is a user supposed to put these files? Is one of them for the release and the rest three for the nightlies / GIT?

I can get it to load translations but only partially, by extraction the zip in common/Language -folder (there is no data/Language -folder), but only menus and options are translated, while all other parts of the game are not. The translations do seem to work correctly in the release, however.
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Re: How to use translations (in nightlies / git)?
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2024, 07:42:25 pm »
Ok, by trial-and-error I found out that (on GIT version) from

  • openxcom.openxcom/*yml goes into [DATADIR]/common/language and
  • openxcom.x-com-[12]/*yml does into [DATADIR]/standard/xcom[12]
; presumably the root .yml only works with the latest release  :).