Author Topic: Show how many bases are currently researching something in the research list.  (Read 1261 times)

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It can be a bit of a pain to start new research topics because you have to remember if you're already researching something elsewhere; and, for repeatable research topics that lead to get-one-frees, you want to make sure you're not researching it more times than there are get-one-frees left to learn.

Currently I use the "new" indicator to remind me what I'm currently researching elsewhere, but this is imprecise (eg. if you start and cancel something you have to remember to re-tag it as new) and prevents me from using it for its intended purpose.  Plus accidentally hitting the "tag all as seen" button can ruin everything.

So I suggest that the "new research project" list indicate which things you're currently researching elsewhere and how many times - perhaps a small red (x1), (x3) etc. after the research topic in the list of possible new projects, showing how many of your other bases are researching that topic already.

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There is no smaller font than what you already have... And I'm not sure which colours are still available for this, if any. (I remember there was an issue with new font colours.)

The suggestion sounds reasonable, though. Not like I badly need it, but I think it would help a little.

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Small font is very unnecessary. Research screen columns are wide. Especially "Scientists Allocated" (which usually has just 2 digits under it, how many do you expect in any feasible mod?). And then there’s space between them, including "Scientists Allocated" and "Progress".

Also, it would make sense if Geoscape events sent the player to the unified rather than single-base research (or manufacture) screen.
OXCE already has those (from menu under Extended button). The same space-inefficient base screens, but with everything listed and color-highlighted base name headers inserted in the name column. They could be improved, of course.