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[minimods] Faster healing
« on: November 16, 2022, 03:03:06 am »

Important note :
This minimod will not be updated in this thread anymore, further updates will only be found in the minimod collection for 40k/Rosigma :,11058.0.html

40K and Rosigma have some units like the Space Marines that have a high amount of health points, when they're badly wounded (and they will be considering the amount of damage the enemies can do) it then means with the default settings it will take a very long time for them to be healed and back into action, more often than not i got some SM out of action for more than 65 days up to more than 70.

These 2 minimods are some ways to get in with the times, after all it's year 40000 you imagine there may have been some medical progress in term of first aid in a space marine base ;)

First minimod is adding secretly an additional healing factor to the entrance lifts, meaning any base will heal your troops faster.
May feel a bit cheaty, but that's year 40000 science so don't worry :D

Second minimod does not add that healing factor, but allow you to build a new 1x1 facility in your base at any time (i mean without having to research something more), a "Medical Unit" that will provide additional healing factor to the base that contain this facility. I think that may be the best way if you want this additional healing integrated as a gam mechanic : as an additional 1x1 building may then forceyou to make a choice as it's 1x1 slot in your base map that will be lost then and may become trouble once you research much later apothecary facilities that will add a bit to the healing but will require some map slot.

NOTE : you can edit the amount of healing by editing this line
    sickBayRelativeBonus: 5.0
to a lower or higher number (the higher, the faster it will heal)

How to Install
These minimods requires you to have installed the 40k megamod, it is compatible if you have installed Rosigma too.

Download and
that are attached to this post.

Open them, take and move the folders "HealerLift_40k" and"Medunit_40k"
to ...\OpenXCOMDirectory\User\mods\
or your

These minimod will be available to enable or disable in the main menu category "Mods".
Enable only one of them ( unless you really want things to be a cheat as units would heal too fast if you enable both) by setting it to "YES" if you want to use it.
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