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[minimod] Difficulty settings
« on: October 07, 2022, 02:22:12 am »

Important note :
This minimod will not be updated in this thread anymore, further updates will only be found in the minimod collection for 40k/Rosigma :,11058.0.html

the 40K megamod (with or without the Rosigma expansion) replace the difficulty selection by factions.
And by default set the difficulty to 0 (that is equal to Beginner difficulty)
But in the same time it will set the difficultyCoefficient for all difficulties to 2 , forcing then game to run on the Veteran difficulty coefficients

The difficulty coefficients are affecting these
Monthly rating threshold for losing the game (together with defeatScore) | (defeatScore) +100 points * difficultyCoefficient
UFO firing rate during dogfight | -2 gs * difficultyCoefficient
UFO escape countdown during dogfight | (100-200%) -30 gs * difficultyCoefficient
Retaliation odds after shooting down UFO | (4%) +4% * difficultyCoefficient
Odds of shootdown-triggered retaliation targeting xcom base region or not | (50%) +6% * difficultyCoefficient
Chance of aliens facing in the direction of the xcom craft at a start of a mission | 20% * difficultyCoefficient
Various AI decisions (in Battlescape)
judging explosive efficacy
limiting number of waypoints for blasters
deciding whether to spend extra TU to attack from behind in melee (OXCE only)
odds of making USE action on psi-amps (OXCE only)
Together with statGrowthMultipliers affects how alien stats change with difficulty level | + (statGrowthMultipliers/100) * difficultyCoefficient

So here are some minimods that allow you to change the difficulty level (setting both the coefficients and aim/armor multipliers to match the difficulty level of choice) in case you find 40K too easy or too hard.

How to Install
You must have installed the 40K megamod (any version) , you can optionally install the Rosigma expansion, the minimods are compatible with both.


that are attached to this post.

Open them, take and move the folders

to ...\OpenXCOMDirectory\User\mods\
or your

The 4 minimods will be available to enable or disable in the 40k (with or without Rosigma) main menu "Mods".

Enable your prefered one by setting it to "YES" (note : they're not incompatible if you enable both, but the one in last will be the one overriding them if for some reason you enable them all)

NOTE : if you find the game too hard or too easy after enabling one of those difficulty minimod, you can go back to the main menu, disable the minimod, enable another one harder or easier (or disable them all to revert to the default 40k setting that is Veteran).
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