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XPiratez / Discord BS
« on: February 06, 2022, 10:00:39 pm »
Well, that was pretty unbelievable.

I was at a mine in the middle of the arctic for 17 days and when I came back I'd lost my account.

The reason I'm posting up though, is I didn't see this posted anywhere else:

Appeal your account with discord. You'll get it back, I got mine back.

Very sorry to see X-Piratez and X-Filez gone off discord.

I legit cannot believe the logic behind that.

"Ban everyone else for something someone else said."

Ridiculous in the extreme.

The email I got when I had it reinstated was some of the most condescending BS I've ever seen.

Essentially: "Okay, we'll let you back, but btw, mind the friends you keep and don't you hang around them people no more."

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