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I've had some problems with stuttering gameplay with long view distances and noticed that it is apparently a quite common problem. Hence I decided to take a look at the way the game handles Field of View (FOV) calculations and made a significant improvement in calculation speed. You may download this new version and help test the changes below.

What does faster FOV calculations mean for you as a player:
Greatly reduced delay after each movement step for all units. This leads to smoother gameplay, faster AI turns and playable long view distances. The handling of post hit and post explosion vision calculations also benefit which leads to less delay after each shot. This in turn means faster auto fire and reduced delay whenever the terrain changes.

Download and source
Windows executable (My own additions built on Meridian's v2016-04-28) The runtime libraries normally compiled into the executable, are not, hence you need to download some additional .dll files and put the ones from "deps\lib\Win32" within your game folder with the executable. Now included in Meridian's executable.
Source code
Should you find something amiss, let me know.

PS: To get increased view distance you have to change the "maxViewDistance: 20" line in Piratez.rul.

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