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Work In Progress / Name of damage type
« on: August 25, 2014, 06:01:49 pm »
Is it possible to change the name of the damages types we see in ufopedia ?

In my mod I try to make a real armor piercing thing, with the "acid" type because it is nearly unused (in vanilla). I want to rename AP, juste "piercing" or "usual", and acid "AP". The idea is this kind of damage is inversely proportional to armor, so if you are armored, you have great vulnerability to it, and if you haven't armor, you have great resistance. Acid-AP weapon make big damage to tank but nearly nothing to civilians.

If it's possible, what is the name of items I must change in extrastrings ?

Work In Progress / Weird idea : breed alien terrorists ?
« on: August 21, 2014, 04:46:25 pm »
I wonder if is it possible to make for exemple a reaper controled by XCom, like a kind of HWP, buildable with an live reaper previoulsy captured ?  ::)

Work In Progress / Melee attack of living weapon
« on: August 04, 2014, 09:15:46 pm »
I have search but found nowhere how is defined the power of the leaving weapon which attack with melee. Is their strenght the power ?

I try to make the reaper less useless, and it is with many TUs more, but I would also try to change his power, if it is possible.

Work In Progress / Ablative armor
« on: August 03, 2014, 06:12:30 pm »
Well, I don't know where to ask this : how work the reduction of the armor when something take damage (not the effect of the armor, but the wear of armor itself) ? I want to make something like some abaltive armor, which could stop nearly everything in the begining, but should be damaged at each shot stoped, and so, could finish being broken and don't stop nothing.

Must should I use heavy armor stat but no damage modifier (maybe like a 100 frontal armor with 100% for any damage), or should use huge damage modifier and small armor (like 20-25 armor, but 20-30% resist) ?

Suggestions / [SUGGESTION]More power for IC
« on: July 30, 2014, 12:12:42 pm »
Could it be possible to give a real hit damage for IC damages ? with only DoT there are only useful for light that I always found very weird because phosphoric munition are really very dangerous.

It should be more useful in the game is IC munition have :
- some aditionnal damage with the initial hit, which affect only the target
- or some additionnal HE damage in the actual range of the flames

Work In Progress / [BETA] Rebalance aliens
« on: July 28, 2014, 12:37:27 pm »
I am working on a mod that modify aliens HP, armor and vulnerabiliies. My purpose is to make huges differences between races to make useful a large assortment of weapon type, even in the late game. Also, I want change the original style of the begining were the difficulty is to hit aliens, and not to injure them, by something where who have good soldier (they hit their target) but inneffective weapons (human fisrts weapons are designed to shot human and not aliens, which can be "prepared" to resist theses weapons because they know them).

I want also make some progression throught the game where :
- xcom study aliens and found better way to protect against theirs weapons (personnal armor could give huge plasma defense but nothing else, new plasma-resistant armor for tanks etc.) and better weapons to kill them (some special AP ammo, or new types of weapons).
- aliens study xcom and found they become more resistant to plasma and use more deadly weapon so, they imagine new weapons (even somes there are not plasma-based) and maybe new "armor" (which could be done only by modify some armor type of aliens which appear later, or by redifine some new aliens or just by mix some of them in crew).
- xcom study new aliens improvement and adapt, and so on
In the late game, there could be have a full range of weapon type, and a full range of aliens type which can be vulnerable to some and not to another. The player should use a large assortment of weapon to deal with the threat.

Is there already a mod like that ?
And what do you think of this idea ?

PS : is a vulnerability to smoke make aliens or soldiers fall stun by smoke quickly when tey just walk throught or it does only affect the initial hit ?

Suggestions / [SUGGESTION]Power of weapon function of distance
« on: July 20, 2014, 12:48:14 pm »
I wonder if it will be possible to make the power of battlescape weapon reduced or increased by the distance ? Why ? because it could be make at last a real difference between close combat weapon and orher, and not only by their accuracy or TU consumption.

It should be interesting to have for example pistol which have more power at short range than rifle, then make short range weapon preferable in UFO or town assault, and rifle or other long range weapon better for outdoor missions. Something like a precision rifle could have a huge damage malus to be used point-blank, this could be made a real counterpart to good accuracy and big power : without that, this kind of weapon often become overpowered because there is no real reason to use others.
And this is realistic, a high power rifle used point-blank will litteraly pass through target, and not make big wound if the bullet don't hit something vital, while in long range, the bullet should have loss enough energy to explode or rest in the target's body, resulting more injury. An vice versa, because it is not the accuracy the greatest problem of a shotgun at long range, it is the fact the munition lost quickly all his wounding power.

EDIT : I just see there is already such feature, so my question is "Is the maxrange, aimrange dropoff etc. would work with any ruleset ? (and the option distance accuracy of course) ?"

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