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XPiratez / Re: Can I remove the fist weapon from Mercenary Commando?
« on: April 18, 2016, 03:41:35 am »
Thank you for the reply. That looks like a good solution; I had no idea adding new soldier types was so trivial.

XPiratez / Can I remove the fist weapon from Mercenary Commando?
« on: April 18, 2016, 01:05:14 am »
The question is in the title. Merc Commandos cost a pretty penny, and I was thinking about freeing their inventory and removing the inbuilt weapons to make them more versatile. Making the inventory accessible and getting rid of the Boom Gun are easy edits, but the fist is not. Based on a quick look through the ruleset, it kinda seems like it might not even be possible to remove. I could simply change "fixedweapon" to false and move the fist item into another slot, but if a cleaner solution is possible, I'd gladly take it.

I actually haven't had much problems with poor performance so far with my i7-4790K 4GHz, 16GB RAM and GTX 980. There's some jittering in the walking animations occasionally in bigger maps (it's a little hilarious, no offence intended to anyone :D ), but nothing too bad. Then again, I guess I'll find out what happens with the Xbox huge maps that I haven't seen yet, like the mansion.

Also, do I need to edit my save in any way to take the mansion missions into account? Comparing to a new campaign save, I see "- region: REGION_LOC_EMANSION" is missing, but all other region specific mansion entries are there.

- Max View Distance does no longer work since Meridian has removed that functionality from his .exe.
According to the GitHub page, it looks like he reverted that change after all. Many thanks to Meridian for doing this. :)

Edit: Also the .exe on the 0.98C package is v2016-04-12, which didn't have the "rehardcoding" implemented yet, so changing the maxviewdistance works correctly.

Alright, thanks again. :)

Thank you. Though instead of going at it by hand I could just stop being a goddamn idiot and download the latest .exe from your thread. :D

Okay thanks, that explains it. I take it I would need to add a specific line to all entries in the Piratez_Armors.rul, right? What would that be?

@ Arthanor

I've been playing test battles on various flat environments and my units simply don't spot anyone beyond 20 tiles on a straight line. As I said, terrain is revealed around a 30 tile radius, but not enemies, they pop up way after the fog of war has disappeared. Enemy markers stop blinking when I move a unit back and turn around so that they are more than 20 tiles from an enemy, and no reaction fire occurs beyond that range either from my units or the enemy. Changing the max view distance to 25 only limited the "terrain" vision range, enemies were still invisible beyond 20 tiles.

So yeah, I'm pretty confused about this.

Uhh... I just noticed that I don't seem to be able to actually spot anyone further than 20 tiles out, even though I can see terrain as far as 30 tiles. Is this intended?

For what it's worth, here's another player who would be extremely grateful if vision range remained easily changeable. :)

I do agree that melee shouldn't trump guns in most situations, it's just that a strong melee component kinda highlights the whole "armor = wet tissue paper against chryssalids" thing. But I'll stop my bitching here. If we ever get an armor that the lids can't ignore, I'll be happy, but if not, well, cowering in a corner should still work well enough. :P

Edit: By the way, I like the 30 tile vision range. I'm not sure why exactly, but it feels better than the normal 20 tiles in X-com/unmodified OpenXcom.

Ok, thanks for the warning. I have to say, lids slashing through the heaviest of heavy armors has always been a bit jarring to me and I was hoping that might have been toned down a notch in Piratez. So far melee has felt like a fairly strong option for the player, but it seems to me "classic" style chryssalids are pretty much a hard counter to that. Ah well.

A quick question about chryssalids: are they just as deadly in Piratez as they are in original X-com/unmodded OpenXcom, i.e. one-hit kill through every armor? Just asking so I don't end up doing something stupid like throwing a bunch of melee gals against them. :P

Ok, thanks for the answer.

Is there any point in copying the "Aliens pick up weapons" mod over from the "standard" folder and enabling it, or is the functionality included with Piratez by default?

Edit: Heh, forgot the most important part: thanks a lot for making the mod! It's what finally got me back to OpenXcom.

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