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XPiratez / Re: A suggestion about the Freaks of Piratez
« on: January 27, 2023, 07:02:41 pm »
You can hire freaks for 225k later in the game, directly into soldiers.  So if recruitment into brainers worked, it would only be the ones you find.  Price-wise it's similar to buying a brainer.  Might make sense to have slave and worker options for them otherwise too, but not sure about that.

The X-Com Files / Re: Another balance thread
« on: October 02, 2022, 09:27:23 pm »
I honestly  don't know if you are trolling me or something of that vein when discussing with you. Don't get me wrong, I do think that your mod and the love given to it  is excellent  and it is peak gaming overall, but when I'm giving nonsensical  arguments to  (in my eyes) fair criticism , it is just vexing. Like why can't all melee weapons use the same formula? It would lead to a more consistent  experience  and make balancing much more straightforward. Current criteria seems to be completely arbitrary and I can't see a benefit in having some weapons being less consistent  than others.
With that attitude, you are headed for "Final Destination", a flat-map with mirror match ups.  Why are you even playing this mod then or any game more complex than staring at yourself in the mirror?


You expect Solar to sit there, go through every melee weapon in the game, by hand, and change it all to the same exact formula?  Why not do it yourself and release a "melee rebalance sub-mod" for the game?  All the files are unencrypted plain text.  A monkey trained in human speech could do it.  Why can't you?

Yeah I kinda of agree with this statement,  I do modding in other games (paradox games) and in a team we may have different preferences,  same for the player's. That being said my concerns related mostly to making tactical combat better.

You are obviously more than capable, if you mod other games.

Well, no, I don't have a particular problem with those. But machine guns are somewhat more weird. The mods lumps the Minimi and the PKM together, and makes the M60 and MG 3 separate, whereas IRL the M60, MG3 and PKM are all GPMGs firing a full rifle cartridge while the Minimi is an LMG firing an intermediate round. And '2-round auto' is a somewhat strange thing on a machine gun, anyway, though not inherently strange as a way to distinguish LMGs and GPMGs. Unfortunately, we then get the BO LMG line, which also has 2- and 3-round snap shots while being presented as 'heavy ... variant ... of rifles', i.e. an LMG.

You as well.  If you are such a firearms expert, why not leverage said expertise and make your own "rebalance sub-mod"?  Or are you scared of text files?

Put up or shut up, people.  Stop wasting the man's time with your incessant nit-picking.  Make your own sub-mods, and release them.  If they are good enough to have lots of people agree that they are a VAST improvement over the base mod, petition Solar to incorporate your rebalance sub-mod into the game.  He is far too polite and patient with you.

If you want full blown firearms-everything simulation, I suggest you play Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 instead.  OXCE is great and all, but not as conducive to the gun porn you require.  That said, don't expect anything exotic outside the gun porn in JA2 1.13 either.  OXCE + mods has them beat by a million miles.

As far as simulations are concerned in general, the best games ever made combine simulation with arcade aspects.  OXCE + mods does exactly that.  If you want simulation only or to have simulation in OXCE somehow improved, it's an open source project.  Hop to it.

OXCE Support / Re: Visual help space for modders.
« on: April 06, 2020, 11:00:41 pm »
Isn't the standard mobile UI approach to generate a tooltip to tap and hold?  The player would have to know where to do that though for a tooltip vs another effect.

Example usage of the new functionality in a script for X-PirateZ.  Requires OXCE 6.4.3+.

Code: [Select]
# OXCE Requirement: 6.4.3+
# ***************************************************
# *** End of Battle Hit Point Regeneration Script ***
# ***************************************************
# Use for units that regenerate hit points every turn in combat.
# So at end of combat, they don't go to sick bay.
# Soldier Type Tag:
# MISSION_END_FULL_SOLDIER_REGEN - How many HP recovered per unit of mana (freshness/readiness)
# Armor Tag:
# MISSION_END_FULL_REGENERATION - How many HP recovered per unit of mana (freshness/readiness)
# Set either tag value to hitpoints regenerated / mana (freshness/readiness) lost
# A value of 5 means 5 hp recovered for every 1 mana (freshness/readiness).
# If Freshness tanks to 0, full HP recovery completes anyway.  Freshness stays at 0 then.
# So mana_missing becomes equal to mana_max, but does not go over that value.
# Armors take priority over soldiers.
# Soldier regen is baseline.  Armor value overwrites it.
# Tag value of 0 disables regeneration.
# This means you can have non-regenerating soldiers with regenerating armors.
# You could also have regenerating soldiers with non-regenerating armor, meaning their regen is disabled.

    - offset: 10
      code: |
        var ptr RuleArmor soldierArmor;
        var ptr RuleSoldier soldierRuleset;
        var int regenSoldier;
        var int regenArmor;
        var int recoveryCost;
        var int hpNow;
        var int hpMax;
        var int hpMissing;
        var int manaNow;
        var int manaMax;
        var int manaMissing;

        unit.getHealth hpNow;
        unit.getHealthMax hpMax;
        set hpMissing hpMax;
        sub hpMissing hpNow;

        unit.getMana manaNow;
        unit.getManaMax manaMax;
        unit.getRuleSoldier soldierRuleset;
        soldierRuleset.getTag regenSoldier Tag.MISSION_END_FULL_SOLDIER_REGEN;
        unit.getRuleArmor soldierArmor;
        soldierArmor.getTag regenArmor Tag.MISSION_END_FULL_REGENERATION;

        if gt regenSoldier 0;
          set recoveryCost regenSoldier;

        if gt regenArmor 0;
          set recoveryCost regenArmor;

        if gt recoveryCost 0;
          div hpMissing recoveryCost;
          sub manaNow hpMissing;
          limit manaNow 0 manaMax;
          set manaMissing manaMax;
          sub manaMissing manaNow;
          unit.setMana manaNow;
          unit.setHealth hpMax;
          set recovery_time 0;
          # OXCE 6.4.3+ functions, without which script does not work.
          set final_health_loss 0;
          set final_mana_loss manaMissing;


Work In Progress / Re: [WIP][MOD][OXCE]Equal Terms 2.5 For OXCE
« on: March 30, 2020, 01:53:54 pm »
That MUTT reminds me of the Engineer Car from Saga Frontier... too bad there is no concept art of it.

For the record, other 'tactics' type games usually have this displayed, often with quite a lot more detail.  However, it's often a two-way street, where the enemy hits back in melee.  This would make sense to present to the player, if melee allowed counter-attacking by turning around.  Without that, it takes some of the magic away, does it not?

See screenshot from Fire Emblem.

HP: Self explanatory (enemy has low hp left in this case)
Mt: Final strength of the attack (attack - defense, no RNG on the attack value) x2, because speed of unit is high enough to attack twice before counter-attack
Hit: Hit chance (71 for player unit, 41 for counter-attack by enemy unit)
Crit: % chance to do triple damage (multiple of Mt value, so 1 damage becomes 3, 0 stays 0, and 10 becomes 30).

Fire Emblem features permanent death.  A lot of decision making in this game is informed by this particular screen.  The player asks "is this safe to do?" or "is this worth the risk?" or "how badly can I own this mofo?" or "can I finish this guy off? (as in the picture)"

That's probably the best example of "using this kind of feature excessively" in terms of gameplay.

P.S. May you have nightmares of melee counter-attacking chryssies~~ snip snip!

XPiratez / Re: Bugs & Crash Reports
« on: January 11, 2018, 06:52:37 pm »
I think I found a bug.  When I use Moonshine on a friendly instead of on the user, the stun damage is applied to the moonshine user, not the recipient of the moonshine.  I had an archer run out of energy, so I sent someone to give them a sip.  The archer got the energy, while the moonshiner got the stun.  The archer was supposed to receive the stun.

Also Mutant Meat does not work below a certain hit point threshold, as the stun it gives is too high, so it aborts.  I am guessing this is by design, but it makes it not very useful in dire situations in a Mansion run.  Would prefer the stun stated in description and have characters go into a food coma, so someone needs to give them water.

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