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XPiratez / ARR: Reject The Market (M3)
« on: April 05, 2022, 04:32:35 am »
Allo, Im Yugian. happen to be a streamer.

So back in December, I finished an X-Files "Manufacturing only" run, and decided to have some fun and try to do a No Manufacturing run of X-Piratez. Several months later, I finished that very same run. It was... Painful, to say the least. I failed the first attempt, and my second attempt was a run that lasted about ~230 hours. This was done in M3, but this is my successful declaration of achievement.

The Rules of the Run were simple.
Obviously, No Store for Anything. The Exception was Runts, because I cant recruit them in the Game proper, and running 10 the entire game was Misery. (There was one exception made to this rule later on.) Everything else (Including Brainers!) Had to be looted thick and thin.

I happened to also be playing Reject the Power at the time, because I Thought it'd be 'Only possible' on that, given I heard you got Unique craft. I was... Kind of right? As of now, I still think its the preferred way to do it, given how robust its start is.
I sadly did not get the Knights Of Cydonia.

Whilst my Information is outdated, given we're on M5 now, I would not mind sharing my thoughts and speak of painful experiences.

How it Actually went.
To beat the game without using Cloaking Devices- You have to get
Doctor X.
The only way to follow down that quest line, is that you need a Grav Ball outfit, and you need a single person craft. You cannot make one, and the Only Grav Ball outfit you can loot... Is after
The Duel with Doctor X.
For the sake of completing the game, I allowed myself those purchases.

I also Scummed like a bastard. Enough was in the air that it was still a challenge, but I made a few personal concessions to make sure that we could progress (Air Game is Miserable with Fausts and Battle Tanks.)

I also Cheated for the Viewer Experience. To my knowledge of M3, you can only gather
Chrono Prisms from the Void.
, Which you need for the
The mission to get them *Does not* reliably spawn every month, and It was getting incredibly frustrating/boring to watch the run stall out because I lacked that one item. So I gave myself that one resource in enough degree to assemble our final craft. Justification being I *Could* have done it if I grinded out long enough, and we were just waiting for THOSE missions specifically. Add about 3~4 Years to that end total and you would have an accurate count of my end year.

I did not get Mk.803's sadly. So I had to do Cydonia in
Zortirum, Carbon and Centurion Armors. We didnt get to bring the Tank in the Titor, and that fucking sucked. Especially given for some reason, The Titor Spawns enemies right next to you- So we were out in the open, and always had two hovertanks next to our spawn.
. That took a few retries.

Hit me up with questions. Im happy to take them, because This run took so long, my ARR has slightly faded from memory, and Answering questions will do me far better in jogging my memory. :,D

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