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XPiratez / Prices inflation instead of general time pressure
« on: March 27, 2022, 10:23:24 am »
I'm thinking about some modification to this mod. As in the subject.
When I say "inflation" I mean that all prices for all stuff increases about 10% per year. And prices for selling goods are much lower than prices for buying
When I say removing "time pressure" I mean removing scripted mission appearing difficulty curve. Player just buy information in the market about potential events on the globe, and just wait some random time for specific mission appear.
For example I buy information about "Bandits" mission and wait from few hours to 365 days to appear on the globe. More difficult and rewarding mission requires more expensive information (but they are available after researching required stuff as in the original research tree). More information I buy then more missions marks I get on the globe.
In this mod of the mod governments don't pay funds for the player monthly.

Which files I should modify to do these modifications?

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