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Recently somebody reported a bug with a XCF save where killing the last alien on a map lead to a crash during recovery. As it turns out, a single corpse item was missing a unit reference which then somehow proceeded to crash the game:

Item ID 141 is a corpse missing an assigned unit:

Code: [Select]
    - id: 141
      inventoryslot: STR_GROUND
      position: [33, 4, 0]
      droppedOnAlienTurn: true

Compare the next megascorpion corpse on the list:

Code: [Select]
    - id: 143
      unit: 1000021
      inventoryslot: STR_GROUND
      position: [38, 23, 0]

Assigning a unit (even an existing one) to 141, e.g.

Code: [Select]
    - id: 141
      unit: 1000021
      inventoryslot: STR_GROUND
      position: [33, 4, 0]
      droppedOnAlienTurn: true


Code: [Select]
[29-08-2023_18-08-29] [FATAL] A fatal error has occurred: Segmentation fault.
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x5da620 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::stackTrace(void*)
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x5db490 OpenXcom::CrossPlatform::crashDump(void*, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x41c7f0 signalLogger(int)
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0xa100e0 OpenXcom::UfopaediaStartState::think()
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x77bf653c _C_specific_handler
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x77c0b340 _chkstk
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x77bdf1d0 RtlInitializeResource
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x77c0aa50 KiUserExceptionDispatcher
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x8f13d0 OpenXcom::BattleUnit::getStatus() const
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x555a20 OpenXcom::DebriefingState::recoverItems(std::vector<OpenXcom::BattleItem*, std::allocator<OpenXcom::BattleItem*> >*, OpenXcom::Base*)
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x5574f0 OpenXcom::DebriefingState::prepareDebriefing()
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x55ca90 OpenXcom::DebriefingState::init()
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x5f2d40 OpenXcom::Game::run()
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x41c950 SDL_main
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0xa11c10 console_main
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0xa11d30 WinMain
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] ??
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] ??
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x77993de0 BaseThreadInitThunk
[29-08-2023_18-08-30] [FATAL] 0x77bf2930 RtlUserThreadStart
[29-08-2023_18-08-31] [FATAL] OpenXcom has crashed: Segmentation fault.

I have no idea what lead to the unit missing the reference, but is it intended behaviour to crash if a corpse item is (for whatever reason) missing a unit reference?

The X-Com Files / [MOD] MedBay
« on: May 26, 2023, 12:07:24 am »
Seeing how people are actually still using the RO mod I might as well push this one out too.

While I find the sickbay to be a nice early game facility that gets your agents back in the field faster (provided they survived being shot at, set on fire or being set on fore by being shot at), it starts to feel a bit outdated mid-to-late game, what with all this advanced alien tech laying around. Why not use one to solve the other and also get those agents fighting eldritch horrors a bit of a sanity boost?

Currently doesn't require sickbay as a prerequisite.

Initial release, let me know if you encounter any problems.

OXCE Support / [Solved] "+" icon/toggle in soldier training screen
« on: February 07, 2023, 08:32:38 pm »
Unfortunately some features are either very sparsely documented or I simply suck at looking them up. What are those "+" toggles for on the training screens? Do they switch between normal stats and stat bonuses gained via recommendations?

OXCE Suggestions OK / [SUGGESTION]Custom Hangar/Craft types
« on: November 10, 2022, 07:02:59 pm »
Seeing how different hangar&craft sizes probably aren't going to happen, I'd like to suggest custom hangar types instead, so things like dedicated sub pens or vehicles grages can be implemented which do not share hangars with aircarfts. This would also enable modders to implement 1x1 hangars for ground-based craft and reserve 2x2 hangars for aircraft or larger carfts. No messing around with different craft or hangar sizes or fitting multiple craft into one hangar slot.

Something like

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_VAN
    sprite: 829
    fuelMax: 9999
    damageMax: 25
    speedMax: 75
    hangarType: garage

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_HANGAR
    spriteShape: 9
    spriteFacility: 9
    size: 2
    buildCost: 200000
    buildTime: 25
    monthlyCost: 25000
    hangarType: garage
    crafts: 1

If a craft has no defined hangar type default to vanilla behaviour and ignore hangarType entry on facilities. If a craft definition includes a hangar type check for free hangar of that type. If free hangar of that type exist assign craft to first free hangar of that type. If no free hangars of that type exist throw "no free hangars" error.

That way vanilla craft treat all facilities with craft slots the same, while proper implementation requires all craft to have an assigned hangarType.

Would it be possible to implement something along these lines?

OXCE Support / [Answered] LOFTEMPS view in battlescape?
« on: June 19, 2022, 02:17:47 pm »
Is it currently possible to display the actual loftemps of objects in the battelscape (akin to Bomb Bloke's lof terrain)? If not, would it be possible and feasible to implement something like this? I realize that some 3D/2D conversion would have to be done for this to work, but would it be possible to automate this and include the option in OXCE?

The X-Com Files / Smaller jetpack for a advanced armors
« on: April 15, 2022, 07:34:45 pm »
Using my non-existent artistic skills and "inspired" by the existing jetpack art I made a sprite for a smaller jetpack which I use for some of the more advanced armors. The original idea was to just free up the central slots of the backpack, but this is impossible given the limitations of OXCE, so this is what I ended up with.

Anybody interested?

Not sure if I am to post this here or in the help subforum, please move accordingly if this doesn't belong here.

Is it possible to place two or more fixed weapons/items in an inventory slot (with them occupying different defaultInvSlotX/Ys)?

I am currently trying to block leftmost and rightmost backpack slots leaving only the middle one accessible (to represent built-in equipment blocking the left and right sides), but OXCE always defaults the second backpack item to the hand of the unit.

I am currently looking for a way to implement a more granular way to aproach alien infiltrations and returning infiltrated countries to the project.

Would it be feasible to implement a way for alien bases (i.e. the alien base which is connected with the infiltration event) to spawn mission site, ideally only in the country that is affected by the infiltration?

Alternatively, would it be feasible to implement an additional mission trigger based on an active infiltration (or the existence of a corresponding alien base)? For example by having additional operationTypes which reference alien bases causing an infiltration?

Turn limited missions already indicate how many turns are left. Would something similar be possible for reinforcemnts as well (on maps using turn limits for reinforcements)?

The X-Com Files / Armor definitions - Space?
« on: April 17, 2021, 09:42:30 pm »
Hey Solarius, I am trying to get my various sub-mods up to date, and I am trying to figure out how/when you changed armord defintions for space-based missions. SOme versions back there were separate armors for space/underwater terrains iirc. I can't find the space ones anymore - did you roll these together with the normal armors?

OXCE Support / [Solved] Question about mission scripts / max runs
« on: June 06, 2020, 01:54:04 pm »
Not sure if this belongs here or under help, please move if it doesn't belong.

Missions / mission scripts can be set to run a certain number of times. Are these stored in the save under missionsRun? If I want to re-enable the mission, would setting these to 0 (or deleting the entry alltogether) be sufficient or are there additional entries that have to be modified (disregarding research triggers)?

Help / Avatars / Paperdolls - Faces&Hair
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:05:09 pm »
Something that has been bothering me for a while now is that i can't find any information as to how the game handles avatars and how/where they are defined - the faces you can chose/switch in the inventory screen. I'd like to remove/replace a number of them but i have no idea how and  I can't find any of the names that are associated with them either.

To clarify: I'd like to remove or skip certain faces during soldier creation so that they don't show up in the game.

Somebody please enlighten me, thanks.

This in regards to a recent addition to OXCE
- Option to modify ruleset lists without completely redefining them (!add and !remove YAML tags) :,6586.msg127524.html#msg127524

I'm trying to additional soldier types to starting conditions (as a submod for XCF):

Code: [Select]
  - type: STR_LABOR_GEAR
    defaultArmor:  !add
        STR_WORKSUIT_UC: 100

But this overwrites the definition instead. Are !add and !remove not supported for those type of lists?

The X-Com Files / Compact handcuffs
« on: May 24, 2020, 03:48:28 pm »
After trying them out in-game, they seem kind of large for simply being standard police-issue handcuffs. IRL handcuffs normally have smaller footprint than a normal-sized handgun since they can be folded and holstered.

I've cobbled together a quick-and-dirty replacement sprite and changed the size from 2x1 to 1x1 for both the normal and the tritanium cuffs. Let me know if there are any problems with the mod if decide you try it out.

OXCE Support / [Answered] Hangars - craft allocation/placement
« on: May 08, 2020, 03:09:37 pm »
Not sure if this goes here or under help, apologies in advance if this posted in the wrong place.

How exactely are crafts allocated/placed in hangars sprite wise, especially if multiple crafts are allocated to one hangar? Are they all placed in the center of the facility? Is any craft past the first one even displayed in base view? Can the position of the craft be customized?

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