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OXCE Suggestions Rejected / [Not possible?] Playlist modes for jukebox
« on: February 15, 2022, 02:15:17 am »
Rejection reason: I would like to have e.g. shuffle tracks too, but I don't think the SDL libraries we use in OpenXcom allow this... if I'm missing something, do let me know!

The jukebox feature in OXCE is pretty amazing, and after it was implemented I finally started listening to in-game music tracks rather than external music.

However, it's still rather limited by the fact that you need to change tracks manually, otherwise the current track will be repeated.

Ideally, the jukebox should come with all (3) common playlist modes: 1) repeat track (as it is right now); 2) repeat list - play each track once in order, then repeat; 3) shuffle list - play each track in the list once in random order, then repeat.
For easier implementation, shuffle doesn't have to be persistent or anything, it's quite okay for any current playlist information to be lost on exit or on e.g. globe/mission switch. Also, no need to change anything in the existing behavior of picking a proper track for geoscape/mission/etc, as the only new thing here is about what to do when that properly picked track has played to its end.

PS: I honestly tried poking around the code, but admittedly I'm just not enough of a C++ programmer to make something like that.

OXCE Suggestions Y-script / [Suggestion] Unit sprite overlays
« on: December 01, 2019, 05:45:20 pm »
Preface: I've honestly attempted to make a proof-of-concept PR around this idea, but after a few hours of bumbling around sources, I have to admit defeat: I'm not nearly enough of a C++ programmer to piece all the parts (rules' adjustments, script bindings, logic) together.

The rationale of this idea surfaced in a talk about driveable tanks (tanks as "armor"): one can make a custom damageUnit script for such a tank providing a "meatshield" - extra invisible HP on top of normal HP to simulate a concept of tank's bulk protecting the driver up to a point; but there is no good way to display the inner workings of the script to user and, for example, tell how much of the "meatshield" still remains.

So, I thought that it would be nice to have a way to display some sprites and/or text over the unit, driven by Yankes' script system. It could be something like this:
1) A new field inside armor definition, something like -
Code: [Select]
    - type: SPRITE (or TEXT)
      x: <number>
      y: <number>
      spriteSheet: <spritesheet name, only for SPRITE type>

2) When drawing unit sprite, if unit's armor have any overlays defined, an 'overlaySpriteUnit' or 'overlayTextUnit' script will be called for every overlay, with layer_index as argument (and obviously the script could get all the additional data via tags system as usual). If the script returns any valid sprite index, then a sprite with this index is taken from the spritesheet and drawn over the unit at given x/y offsets relative to unit. If the script returns invalid sprite index (e.g. <0), then nothing is drawn. Default script implementation always returns -1, not drawing anything anywhere.
Drawing text is probably out of question for the moment as Yankes' scripts don't support string type variables; although drawing numbers might be possible, by returning a number from a script. Although I'm totally not sure how to define a "no need to draw anything" return value in this case.

Potential uses:
1) Draw additional icons reflecting inner workings of other scripts/tags: if a unit has a buff or debuff given to it by scripts; if a unit has a shield remaining and approximately how much of it (in, say, XCOM: EU-styled 'pips' display)
2) Draw some flavor graphics over units! Like a "thought bubble" with curses for a unit that was hit by something invisible, or a "rape" "rage" icon for a chryssalid seeing an enemy.
3) (if displaying text) Draw any specific value from tags - exact value of shields remaining, etc. Even Jagged Alliance-style "floating damage numbers" would be possible with enough inter-script work between damageUnit script and overlays (although that would also require a way to change x/y offsets by script).

Anyways, text overlays might be too much at the moment as scripts currently can handle only numbers. But sprite overlays should be very doable.

Also, I'm not a modder and I have absolutely no idea if actual modmakers will find this worthy of use and take their time to write scripts for it (as by design it won't do anything without a custom script). So I'd very much like to hear any feedback from modmakers.

XPiratez / Self-imposed restrictions
« on: December 21, 2016, 02:33:21 pm »
I can't be the only person doing some "roleplay" and enforcing certain rules, even through it's not restricted by game mechanics to behave otherwise.
So, what rules you people are using, if any?

My typical to-go list for any difficulty (although I rarely play on Superhuman, I don't think it's too fun):
1) Never use any item that wasn't researched (no bootypedia entry). What if you turn a gun wrong way and end up shooting yourself?!
2) Never try to fight a one-sided battle. This is about not cheesing it out with grav harness vs melee enemies. As long as enemies don't even have an option to retaliate, it's boring and not pirate-worthy.
3) Never "power-level" with any kind of tricks. Such as repeatedly stunning and un-stunning enemies to train weapon skills. Well, unless that particular enemy pissed you off BIG F*CKING TIME, but then it's about having your rightful vengeance, not about power-leveling.
4) Never kill a civilian, unless you can't help it (someone went berserk or whacked a bit too hard with that bat). They're wimpy and not dangerous anyway, killing them is just admitting your weakness. Yes, this includes situations when a civvie tries to burn your gal with an iGun.

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