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40k / Necron Spread
« on: April 02, 2021, 05:43:55 pm »
Hello hello, been having a smashing time with the mod but lately something seem off/unintended perhaps. The necrons seem to have a propensity for setting up bases. After getting 5+ offworlder attack missions in one month and all on the same guard base I send a ship to scout. I find a cluster of 4 Necron bases. I take out 2 and get distracted blahblah fast forward to next month. More and More necron terror missions, an unfun amount of necron terror missions happen lol so I scout the 2 bases I had left and there are 4 new bases all nearby in a cluster. I laugh to myself a bit and scout the rest of the sector and find another cluster of necrons that I literally cannot tell how many bases exist in, because its so tightly packed its just a blob. How unlucky am I or is this what the necrons do? As this is the first playthrough of a version of the mod that includes necrons so I dont really know but what I do know is im tired of attacking necron bases and terror missions lol. I attached some screenies, keep in mind I've destroyed 5 bases in the top cluster less than 15 in game days ago at the time I took the screens!

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