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Work In Progress / HardMod Version 0.13 Beta
« on: January 04, 2015, 01:13:30 pm »
This is HardMod.
(Sorry for bad English)
Base idea is more difficultly gameplay, adding some mods (without fanatism), and good balance.

1.Global strategy
 - Less income from defeated aliens.
 - Less income from production.
 - Less score from alien artifacts
 - More penalty to killed xcom agents/civilians.
2. Air combat
 - AA missiles is unaccuracy, but it is better that nothing
 - AA gun has most large damage potential, but you must have very hard interceptor to use it.
 - Beams is good, but Plasma use elerium as ammo and you must produce ammo for laser cannon.
 - Smaller UFOs moves faster, that big UFO.
 - Small UFO evades fights. Shootdown small/medium scout is it big problem now.
 - You must use few interceptors to shootdown UFOs larger than scout. No more overkill with one cool craft.
 - Refueling with jet fuel. No more free patrols.
3. Weapons.
 - More cost of all weapons, except tanks.
 - Rifle, AutoCannon and Heavy Cannon removed.
 - Included: Light Minigun (from Minigun mod), SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Inc.Grenade, SSRL (from EqualTerms),
M79 (M79 GL mod), Field Medic Pack (from Advanced Medikit mod), Bandage and Stimulator (from X-Piratez)
 - Use "UFO Extended Accuracy" option! All weapons has effective range.
3.1. Light weapons.
 - Light Minigun use at medium range (20-25). Shots 10 bullets twice per turn. At least one from 20 bullets hits.
 - SMG - close-medium range. Small damage, but fast fire. Autofire - 5 rounds.
 - Assault Rifle. Medium-long range weapon. Good accuracy, but not so much damage power.
 - Sniper Rifle. Long range weapon. Has large penalty when firing closest than 20 tiles (5% per tile). Very good accuracy and power. (125%, 80 AP)
 - M79. Long range. Arcing shot. Poor accuracy, damage and fire speed. Light support weapon.
3.2. Heavy weapons.
 - Single Shot Rocket Launcher (SSRL). 3 tile radius explosion. 100 HE power. Kills cyberdisk with 2-3 hits.
 - Small rocket like SSRL now. Has 120 HE power.
 - Large rocket has 100 HE power and big explosion radius (?7-8 tiles)
3.3. Lasers
 - Heavy laser has clip for 5 shots and elerium-powered clip for 10 shots (2 elerium).
 - Laser rifle and pistol has elerium powered clips for 20 and 25 shots (2 elerium per clip).
 - Lasers useful at all ranges.
 - Lasers has good damage power.
 - All lasers, except heavy, use elerium as power source, because humans can't do compact energy sources.
 - Heavy laser it is really good anti-tank weapon
3.4. Plasma
 - Little better that humans gunpowder weapon by accuracy.
 - Standart damage power.
3.5. Tanks
 - Tank/cannon use explosive rounds (30x, radius 2, power 80), with brust fire by 3 rounds.
 - Tank/RocketLauncer also has brust fire by 2 rockets. Has 12 rockets.
 - You can modify this tanks to artilery mod. They get arcing shots, but lost ability to auto fire, and some accuracy and fire speed.
 - You can construct any tank from chassis (base/alloy) and tank weapon (cannon/RL/minigun/laser/plasma/blaster)
 - Hovertanks can use only rocket/blaster launcher and laser/plasma, because flying units don't like high recoil from cannon/minigun
 - You can construct sectopod with rocket launcher/laser/plasma.
4. Armor
 - Humans Combat Armor. Heavy. Weak soldiers can't use it.
 - You can upgrade Combat Armor. Alien Alloys make armor bit lighter.
 - Personal armor has -3 penalty to max carry weight, but +10 bonus to bravery.
 - All suits has less armor. They add penalty to combat abilities, but give bonus to physical abilities.
5. Aliens
 - More health.
 - More armor.
 - More accuracy.
 - More grenades.
 - More aliens.
 - More tanks.
 - More hardcore!!!
6. Research
 - Lasers from large to small (Laser cannon->Laser Pistol). Laser rifle and laser pistol require elerium, because humans can't make compact energy source
 - You can make Raven interceptor from alien alloys.
 - If you want make hovertank, you may research cyberdisk autopsy. Also you need Heavy Plasma with clip.
7. Production
 - Corpses of xcom agents must be buried. You can produce coffins for it...or explode corpses on battlefield
 - You can recover any armor from corpses.
 - You can repair tanks, but not tank weapons.
 - You can't use high alien technology and produce alien weapon. But you can do something with it.
 - You can make plasma tank weapon from heavy plasma and ammo for it from heavy plasma clips. With blaster launcher - similarly.
 - You can make hovertank chassis only from broken cyberdisks. You can't repair it, because he already make from shit and sticks.
 - Plasma beam from 5 heavy plasmas.
 - Fusion ball launcher from blaster launcher and bomb for it from blaster bombs and elerium
 - Elerium from plasma clips, alien grenades, stun bombs and blaster bombs.

Included content from mods:
EqualTerms, Minigun, Air combat rebalanced, LaserClips, and, may be, other. Thanks you, guys, for your work.

Good comparability mods:
Luke Extra UFOs, Terrain Pack.

Complected work:
- Include alloy tanks (and possibility to replace armor) (DONE)
- Rebuild tech tree for alien containment (DONE)
- Separate tank chassis and tank weapon for production (DONE)
- Add bombs for small launcher and scatter plasma (medium support weapons) (DONE)
- Rename plasma caster -> scatter plasma (DONE)

Future plans:

- Disassemble tanks to chassis and tank weapon
- Rewrite categories in manufacture
- Perl based build and test system (for easy balancing)
- Rebalance
- Fix ufopedia
- Dart rifle
- Stun grenades
- Repair tank weapons
- Equip tanks like soldiers (experiment)
- Add smoke bombs for tanks
- Add few dropships/interceptors from mods
- Test all it

SpoilerChange log:
Fix few bugs with strings.
Fix one bug with tank build and i forgot manufacture record for sectopods.
Balance:  Scatter plasma: 70 damage, 40 accuracy, 55% tu, 7 shots, range - 18.
Fix crash with field medipack
Balance: Light Minigun tuAuto 45%->55%
0.14b (from future)
Balance: Stimulator tuUse: 25->15

Suggestions / [AI] Way to do better battlescape AI
« on: September 23, 2014, 10:42:00 am »
Just idea.
AI has map with different marks:
  • Visible tile
  • Not visible tile
  • Possible enemy position (stored in battle unit class, spotted enemy it is 100% possible enemy position)
  • Possible enemy fire zone (calculated by request, based on possible enemy position)
  • Possible explosion zone (same as prev.point but calculate firing from RL/using grenade
  • Fire zone
  • Explosion zone
For each reachable tile calculate:
  • Cover level : minimum possible fire/explosion + not visible zone (if enemy very cautions)
  • Ambush potential : maximum possible visible enemy positions + maximum cover level
  • Attack potential: as ambush potential, counts TU for attack and TU to get cover and more possible enemy positions visible
If enemy attacks they looks for tile with best attack potential (maximum possible to find enemy + minimum time to get cover), patrol - find way to see not visible tiles (scout), attack - find tile with best attack potential, etc.

Now (as i understand the code) enemy looks only for closest and (in some cases) visibly enemy. It make them stupid. I want do system where enemy make fire and throw grenades to possibly player position, fire indirect, better get covers and ambush. Any advise?
Sorry for bad english.

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