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The X-Com Files / Suggestions and requests
« on: April 16, 2024, 08:43:00 pm »
I'd assume that this is the best forum to discuss suggestion for future releases of the mod?

Some ideas I had: (super low priority or none at all  -- Just my thoughts  :)

- Work in story about the moon being a megstructure (Moonfall Movie)

- Work in story about ramjet --> scramjet (Arrow 105 having a Temporal variance) needing investigation --> back story to the UAC
      followup research (Advanced propulsion) --> followup research (Temporal Signature) --> (Temporal Detection Research)

Brutal AI / [BUG] GUI - Extended --> Funding missalignment
« on: April 10, 2024, 07:36:17 pm »
I've verified this against OXCE, and this is only an issues with BRUTAL-AI.

from the Geoscape --> Extended (Menu) --> Funding (Menu)  the column header names do not align correctly.

Low Priority Request:
Would really appreciate an update when having multiple crafts in hangars to show only one craft where there is only one craftSlots defined?

(This one works correctly)
I have a hangar with 4 crafts spaces and to display 4 craftslots defined:
      - [-17, -17, 0]
      - [17, -17, 0]
      - [-17, 17, 0]
      - [17, 17, 0]

(This is the one with the issue)
I have another hangar that has 3 craft spaces and to display only 1 craftSlot defined: (This hangar is supposed to be 3 levels deep which is why it has 3 crafts and only one slot)
      - [1, 1, 0]

Instead of "only" showing one craft graphic, it overlays the craft graphics.  The desired result would be to only show the most recent craft added to the hangar or most recent craft that returned from a mission as the icon to display in the hangar.

Currently I can add in the rul files more than 3 requirement resources for building a facility, but the GUI will only show 3.  I don't want player to have to go into the nerd stats to see what requirements are needed, but I would like to add a 4th requirement to some of the facilities. 

It would be nice to have the GUI show up 4 requirements, there is room to do so, I've attached picture of the current and my proposed GUI modification.

Brutal AI / "Facility In Use" message without detail
« on: March 30, 2024, 10:32:49 pm »
I'm getting the "Facility In Use" message without any reasons when trying to remove a base facility, not build over it. 

I've tested this in OXCE, and BRUTAL-AI and this issues is only in BAI. Meridian added this feature and it works properly in OXCE.

As mentioned above, it doesn't cover all possible cases, situations and combinations.

It might also be due to some logic with having different hangar types since the facility I'm trying to remove is a hangar type 'garage' with hangar type 1

The specific case is when I have multiple hangars, say 3, and one craft is out so although 3 hangars are being used the basescape shows one hangar (looks empty).  I know this is an unlikely event when someone looses track of crafts being out while trying to dismantle a hangar, but that's what happened to me.

Game Version:
OXCE: 7.12.2 BAI: 8.3.3 (2024-03-23)

The X-Com Files / [Help] Creating sub-mods for X-Com Files
« on: March 29, 2024, 06:25:16 pm »
I'm trying to understand the ufopedia mechanics for displaying different pages. I want one of my pages to show the topic with the engineer speaking from X-Com Files

I currently have a blank purple background for the scramjet research with the following code:

Code: [Select]
    type_id: 8
    listOrder: 10140

I want it to look like the 'Grav Module' with the engineer profile, like this one:

Code: [Select]
    type_id: 4
    listOrder: 61060

When I change the 'type_id' to 4 for the scramjet the game crashes when I open it up in the ufopedia.  So I'm trying to find out what I'm missing in linking the right files and code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

It would be a helpful feature for mods to configure facilities to have the ability for specific other facilities to upgrade over them without affecting what they currently provide to the base, vs build over them.

The 'buildOverFacilities' options seams to stop the previous facilities provided resources, for example build over the HQ with the Virtualized HQ, I loose the lab capacity.

Example of desired outcome:
Code: [Select]
    canBeBuiltOver: true

So upgrading building a large or huge storage facility over a regular general stores would allow the base to still have the 50 storage space of the general store while the new facility is being upgraded over top.  But, I i built a Hangar over the general stores then I'd loose the storage space during the new build time because the Hangar isn't in that list.

OXCE Suggestions NEW / [Suggestion] Fire/Melee Diretly Above or Below
« on: March 25, 2024, 05:53:51 pm »
Melee an enemy directly above or below, ranged weapon shoot an enemy directly above or below ignoring (gun kata) being enabled.

It would be nice to be able to kill an enemy that's standing on an single elevator blocking the way up or down?  I think this is normally achievable with ranged weapons in classic X-Com settings, but see below where I'm suggesting some changes be considered.

It seams reasonable that you could use a melee weapon to attack directly up? and possibly down?  (maybe at a reduced accuracy as opposed to directly in front, more reduced accuracy attacking down as opposed to up and reduced accuracy would only affect melee and not ranged weapons.)

I couldn't find the option, I'm sure it's enabled in X-Com Files where if you are directly next to an enemy they can block (gun kata) your range weapon.  I would think enemies shouldn't be able to block ranged weapons if you were directly above or below, so if the feature (gun kata) was enabled it would be ignored for shooting directly above or below.

The X-Com Files / [Submod] Facility Expansion Pack [X-Com Files]
« on: March 23, 2024, 09:23:10 pm »
Starting a new form discussion regarding this mod posted at:

A place where suggestions, issues, and Q/A can be discussed; here as opposed to filling up the page at
Latest Version v0.8.4 --> Download Below Changelog


A mod pack focused on more facilities and features for X-COM Files bases with some slight changes to game progression. 

Currently Adds:
 New Facilities:
 - Garage (Size: 1x1) facility for small autos
 - 4x Hangar (Size: 3x3) "UAC Aerocraft Plant" providing (Aeroshop) for craft manufacturing
 - 3x Hangar (Size: 2x2) maximizing base space for craft management
 Tech Tree:
 - Starting Base with only Garages
 - Original Hangar requires some minimal game progression to unlock
 - All crafts that you can manufacture need (Aeroshop) facility to be manufactured
 Facility Modifications:
 - Some base facilities (Original & X-Com Files) have slight changes to features like storage capacity.

    BRUTAL 8.2 (OXCE 7.11) >=
    X-Com Files 3.2 >=
NOTE: BRUTAL-OXCE is required because currently is the only binary supporting the "unique Hangar type flag" meaning specific Hangars "garages" are restricted to hold only specific vehicles, and other Hangars are restricted to hold only other specific crafts.
    You can use the BRUTAL binary and play exactly like OXCE, just disable all the BRUTAL AI settings in the "advanced options" and then the game AI runs just like OXCE/OXC AI.

I think Maridian plans to create a "unique Hangar setting" in OXCE,

Once that is done the BRUTAL requirement will no longer be needed, then I'll update this mod if needs changed to match OXCE implementation.


    (Archive) Hanger Expansion Mod [X-Com Files]
    This is a functional replacement for Hanger Expansion Mod [X-Com Files], but not a drop in replacement.
    Meaning that the internal definitions and variable names are different.
    DO NOT delete old mod - Hanger Expansion Mod [X-Com Files] mod mid-game it will break your game.
      - If you have a game already started with the OLD mod
         -- You need to KEEP the old mod to prevent braking your game
         -- BUT You can add this mod to pre-existing game having both but - NOT Recommended - others have reported conflicts using both mods
    OR you can start a new game with only the new mod (RECOMMENDED)
A comparison between the to mods
    Detailed comparison between the old mod and this one can be found here:,11029.msg162018.html#msg162018,4595.msg162041.html#msg162041


Goal 1: (100%)
    Replace the outdated Hanager Expansion Mod I made a while back with a more balanced and less of a CHEAT mod.
    This mod is compatible with the old Hangar Expansion Pack if you want to use both, I just wouldn't.
    Recommend starting a new game, but not necessary, you can just add this mod and continue game play.

Goal2: (100%)
    Update the Hangar facilities
    - Improve Graphics, (no downsampling, all pixel art done by hand)
    - More balanced, (not a cheat, but an actual balanced game play addition)
    - Better functionality

Goal3: (95%)
    Better balance the mod with X-Com Files, add some new features and restrictions to the research tree (Try it out... and if you must know, read the rul files) =D
    - Start with Only 2x Garages and minimal facilities in the spirit of X-Com Files beginnings.
    - Some Agency Advancements needed before getting more dedicated Storage, Living Space, Hangars, etc.
    - Additional future Agency Advancements before getting large storage and living spaces.
    - Manufactured crafts need special Aerocraft facility (provides 4x hangars in a 3x3 space)
    - Additional Advanced 3x Hangar in a 2x2 space.

Goal4: (~15%)
    Continue to add additional facilities that enable advancement in new and unique ways. 
    - Some ideas I have, Gym only for physical stat improvement, lap pool for underwater stamina improvement, firing rage for accuracy improvement.  New facility mechanics, such as a quantum dimensional storage portal network, each base having this facility has linked storage spaces and no cost to transfer between bases both having this facility.  Other ideas for new facility mechanics, such as specific facilities having positive and negative properties, such as increased alien detection for retaliation on specific labs or workshops, etc.

I'm hoping to continue to add new base facilities that give new and unique capabilities while keeping them balanced with the game and storyline. 

    - A lot To Be Decided....

         But I welcome any suggestions.... whether or not I'll be able to or decide to implement them is another thing. :)

- Test thoroughly base retaliation, (access-lift view works with out any issues with all added facilities)
- Make new battlescape maps for all new facilities (I haven't learned how to make my own battlesape maps yet.)
  -- Update 4x areospace hangar, i'd think it would look better more like the inside of the durathread facility
  -- Update 3x hangar to have a slightly opened landing pad with one level down paths in the opening, and change color and feel of the facility (currently it just copying the basecape of the original hangar)
- update ufopedia pages for all facilities to show provided functions, storage, etc. on the ufopedia pages.

Welcomed support:
- battlescape / basescape creation for all new added facilities.

    (used his garage mod for initial progression in research and base starting facilities) Thank you!;u=113608
    (used his base battlescape maps and orginal idea for developing my mod) Thank you!;u=2846

- v0.8.4 Hot Fix
    Fixed values for hawkeye, can now assign pilots correctly for flight availability.
- v0.8.3
    Facility research adjustments:
    - Significantly lowered the research requirements to get access to the 4x Hangar Aeroshop from "UAC Outsourcing" to "UAC: Contact"
      -- This was a mistake, it wasn't intended to be so far down the research path.
      -- Added additional UFOPedia info making it clearer hinting on what to lookout for in researching towards aeroshop
    Craft research adjustments:
    - Updated the list order of some of the crafts in the udopedia
    - Added Kitsune research requirement for Sentinel and Ironfist
    - Added Scramjet research requirement for UFO Propulsion
    Craft tweaks:
    - Made the Hawkeye craft a more normal earth tech plane, no alien tech required, purchasable not manufactured, and only a radar craft, no transport.
    - Increased fly time duration for both radar crafts
- v0.8.2
    Updated the constants setting to enable 3x3 facilities view in the UFOPedia for X-Com Files 3.2
    (this will likely be a default setting in the next release of X-Com Files)
- v0.8.1 Hot Fix
    Added missing terrain files, can now enter base battlescape view without crashing
    Fix missing silhouette for Hanger x3 when waiting on buildtime
- v0.8.0 Initial Release

Version Colors Legend:
  (Color code only represent compatibility to previous mod version)
- Drop In Replacement (NOT Game Breaking) Does not affect current / ongoing game, minor graphics, values etc.
- Drop In Replacement (NOT Game Breaking) New additions, minor changes in research game dynamics, graphics, values etc.
- New Game Required (Game Breaking) Significant changes that removed definitions or values (requiring a new game start) OR (keep old mod version). I haven't made any changes like this yet.


In the advanced game menu for "Realistic accuracy shot dispersion". I am still confused as to what is realistic and what is normal?  I think it would be helpful to clarify the descriptions better.  Sorry I think I discussed this before but am still confused about the setting, which is enabled and which isn't and if I understand the feature correctly.

Is the following true?
0.) Realistic = tighter shot dispersion, more grouped around target location
1.) Normal = default OXC calculation

It's hard to tell if I understand these calculations correctly or have them backwards.  Another reason I'm confused is that 0 usually means disabled and 1 means enabled, so having 'realistic' as 0 is confusing also as it seams that 1 means enabling the feature but the word normal more appropriately describes the setting disabled.

This is how I would show and describe it in the menu, 0 for DISABLED, 1 for ENABLED.
0.) Normal, default OXC calculation
1.) Realistic, tighter shot dispersion, more grouped around target location

I understand that this feature was merged in from Joy Narical, but hoping for your help and insight, thank you.

"Realistic accuracy and cover system" => Feature developed by Joy Narical and merged into Brutal-OXCE. Find the full documentation here:

Suggestions / [Suggestion] New Binary Icons for OXC
« on: February 15, 2024, 08:41:55 pm »
This isn't a request in anyway, just providing my work if you want to use it.

I made a new icon for BRUTAL-OXCE, not sure if Xilmi wants to use it.,11663.msg161860.html#msg161860

and likewise for OXCE, not sure if Meridian want to use it.,11814.msg161883.html#msg161883

I used the same icon with different color schemes to match OXC.  You are welcome to use them for OXC if you'd like, and no worries if not.  The .ico file is a multi-resolution icon file with 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48,  64x64, 72x72, 80x80, 96x96, and 128x128.

OXCE Suggestions Rejected / [Rejected] New OXCE icons
« on: February 15, 2024, 08:26:24 pm »
This isn't a request in anyway, just providing my work if you want to use it.

I made a new icon for BRUTAL-OXCE, not sure if Xilmi wants to use it.,11663.msg161860.html#msg161860

I used the same icon with different color schemes to match OXC and OXCE.  You are welcome to use them for OXCE if you'd like, and no worries if not.  The .ico file is a multi-resolution icon file with 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48,  64x64, 72x72, 80x80, 96x96, and 128x128.

OXCE Suggestions OK / [Suggestion] Inventory slots per armor #2
« on: December 18, 2023, 06:23:59 pm »
I know this was asked, discussed extensively in the following, but I think I have an easy / elegant solution that would be backwards compatible and I'd be very interested in having this feature.

[ABANDONED] Inventory slots per armor,6852.0.html

1.) Keep the global 'invs:' for backwards compatibility
2.) Have a new config entry in armors 'customInventory:' that is an 'optional' entry
3.) If 'customInventory:' is left blank or not defined in an armor definition then it defaults to the default 'invs:' inventory configuration (This is current format and backwards compatible)
4.) Like extraStrings: have a new category extraInvs:
5.) Put a named &'address' for each of the extraInvs:
6.) Use *'pointer' to the named extraInvs: to set the 'customInventory:'


Code: [Select]
  - id: ....      # Default inventory definitions

The structure of the following code might not be exactly syntactically correct?
Code: [Select]
extraInvs: &jumpArmorWithBackpack
  - id: ....      # Custom inventory definition for Jump Armor

extraInvs: &jumpArmorBWithoutBackpack
  - id: ....      # Custom inventory definition for Jump Armor B and no backpack

Code: [Select]
  - new: STR_ARMOR_1_UC

  - new: STR_ARMOR_2_UC
    customInventory: *jumpArmorWithBackpack

  - new: STR_ARMOR_3_UC
    customInventory: *jumpArmorBWithoutBackpack

This would result in:
  STR_ARMOR_1_UC having the default inventory
  STR_ARMOR_2_UC having the jump armor inventory with backpack
  STR_ARMOR_3_UC having the jump armor B inventory with no backpack

This would also be completely backwards compatible because ALL armors without 'customInventory:' set would use the default inventory which is the structure of current '.rul' files.

I post this question below but didn't know if it was a good idea to post into a '[DONE]' topic,11198.msg160045.html#msg160045

Like 'override' and 'update' that could duplicate / 'inherit' another entry?

I don't think this feature is implemented but would a great enhancement.

Sorry if this question has already been asked or implemented, doing my best to look for posted answers before asking.

Help / OXCE Support Customizing / Controlling Inventory Layout
« on: December 16, 2023, 08:16:03 pm »
I have 2 issues that I suspect need code changes?

1.) For builtInWeapons items placed in the defaultInventorySlot of an armor, they are always placed starting at position [0,0]. Even if they don't fit there, i.e. a 2x2 item in a 2x1 space. Also, even if there are other places where a 2x2 item can fit, the builtInWeapons still gets placed at position [0,0].

2.) If I add a second NULL item to the builtInWeapons for the BELT I suspect it also wants to go to position [0,0] and since that position is already taken, instead of finding another place that it fits in the belt, it gets placed in a different inventory slot, i.e. in the right hand.

Customize an inventory layout for different armors / suits similar to how X-Com Files does it by disabling specific inventory slots using NULL items.

[Desired Solution]:
1.) Set the location of the builtInWeapons item in the defaultInventorySlot. Like [2,0] vs always [0,0]

2.) Be able to define builtInWeapons that only get place in the default defaultInventorySlot and if there is no room in that inventory slot then don't put them anywhere else.

Example Solution for .rul file:

Code: [Select]
    defaultInventorySlot: STR_BELT
    defaultInventorySlotPosition: [2,0]
    defaultInventorySlotRestricted: true


Example I'm dealing with:
1.) I'd like to place 2 items in the belt with defaultInventorySlot: STR_BELT

2.) I'd like to place a NULL_1x2 item at the position starting at [-2,0] in the belt.

3.) I'd like to place a second item, INV_NULL_2X2_BELT at the position of the starting at [2,0].

4.) If an item has a defaultInventorySlot: STR_BELT and it can not fit there, then I would like it 'NOT' placed in the inventory at all.

I have an inventory defined for 'BELT'

Code: [Select]
  - id: STR_BELT
    x: 197
    y: 106
      - [-2, 0]
      - [-1, 0]
      - [0, 0]
      - [1, 0]
      - [2, 0]
      - [3, 0]
      - [-2, 1]
      - [2, 1]
      - [3, 1]

then I defined the NULL items.

Code: [Select]
  - type: INV_NULL_2X2_BELT
    categories: [STR_BLANKS]
    weight: 0
    bigSprite: 1540
    invWidth: 2
    invHeight: 2
    fixedWeapon: true
    defaultInventorySlot: STR_BELT
    recover: false
  - type: INV_NULL_1X2_BELT
    categories: [STR_BLANKS]
    weight: 0
    bigSprite: 1541
    invWidth: 1
    invHeight: 2
    fixedWeapon: true
    defaultInventorySlot: STR_BELT
    recover: false
  - type: INV_NULL_3X1_BELT
    categories: [STR_BLANKS]
    weight: 0
    bigSprite: 1542
    invWidth: 3
    invHeight: 1
    fixedWeapon: true
    defaultInventorySlot: STR_BELT
    recover: false

now I'm testing with the X-Com Files Suit

Code: [Select]
  - override: STR_SUIT_UC 
      - INV_NULL_2X2_BELT
      - INV_NULL_1X2_BELT
      - INV_NULL_3X1_BELT

Pictures attached for the example in the spoiler.
1.) Picture of STR_BELT with no items.
2.) Picture of STR_BELT with INV_NULL_2X2_BELT placed at position[0,0]

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