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Open Feedback / Base Defense Questions
« on: July 20, 2014, 05:31:14 am »
In the old dos version, a flag was not reset if the base defenses destroyed the assaulting ufo. I've poured over the bug fixes on github and could not find a mention of it. Has this bug been fixed?

If so, does the player get credit with destroying the ufo?

Also, if the base defenses are not adequate to destroy the ufo, is the number of aliens assaulting the base reduced depending on the strength of the base's total defensive value?

Suggestions / Interceptor Confusion
« on: July 16, 2014, 02:05:58 am »
I recently had an experience while trying to intercept and down two battleships at the same time. The AI apparently did not like me shooting down all the scouts to establish bases, so it launched two waves of battleships and other support craft at the same time. I launched all of my plasma cannon equipped interceptors north of the equator and the ones in Africa and India, 14 in all, to deal with this threat. I targeted two battleships with four interceptors each.

The problem arose that I was unable to tell which interceptors were targeting which battleship. There is no information in the on the interceptor's tab or in the interception/combat window to show this.

Would it be possible to include the targeted ufo's number on one and/or the other? In the combat window would it be possible to display something like "Target: UFO-###" in the dialog box and have this erased once the combat begins?

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