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So Kitsune is a godsend,

The Kitsune is fantastic, especially considering when you can get it. Although I do think the Ironfist deserves consideration as transport of choice when it becomes available

I couldn't load your save for some reason, but in general it sounds like you were not prepared for the invasion. In the first 2 years, your primary objective is to prepare X-Com to confront the invasion. This means by January '99 you need bases to give you radar coverage of as much as possible, interceptors to hunt down the smaller UFOs, and the ability to get an X-Com ground team anywhere in the world quickly. To do that you need to have eliminated at least one of the cults and researched Promotion III. I recommend using the tech tree viewer see what you need to research, and who you need to capture, to advance. Oh, and make sure you are selling things you don't need to keep the money flowing. Good Luck!

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