Author Topic: [MOD] Weapon overhaul, early game  (Read 3348 times)

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[MOD] Weapon overhaul, early game
« on: May 02, 2021, 02:50:17 am »
Since I already posted the spreadsheet with the stats, I might as well publish the mod in it's current state. So here goes.

This is a work in progress and not yet finished.

What this does:
Changes sprites and stats for a few weapons that are relevant at the early game. Mostly stuff you get before promotion 2.
Also adds a weapon delivery event that is unlocked when you get the military envoy. The event stops when you reach promotion 2.

The .rul file is heavily commented, I try to explain my decisions.

I did not compleately test this as I have spent too much time modding and not enough playing. Please report if you stumble across things not working.
I would also apreciate feedback on what you think of the weapon stats.

Not all sprites in this mod are made by me. The scoped hunting rifle bigob, the PPsH floorob and the pump action slugs I stole from piratez.
You may use all the sprites that I made in any way you whish and don't need to ask me for permission.
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Re: [MOD] Weapon overhaul, early game
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2021, 12:59:23 am »
I've been playing with this for some time, tried it out with Alien's weapons self destruct option as well (it actually made sense, I felt you got a bit too many deliveries for weapons)

I liked the double tap instead of snap shot for weapons that do shoot more than one bullet at a time, it might be just a string change but it actually feels more natural

The sprites are quite nice too, really fitting

Now my only real "problem" is a bit weird, the guns actually feel amazing, and that's the problem I don't want them nerfed when they're this fun to use (it is MUCH harder to make something fun rather than balanced)

One of the first ones I noticed was the pump shotgun, it feels amazing it actually feels like the black ops shotgun and the slugs are almost op BUT I feel like this is how it should've felt in the first place, I've never used this shotgun without the overhaul before and I found myself using a lot of the weapons just because they were actually worth using now.

I think the overpower factor was just the fact you can fire two aimed shots and the amount of range you get on them, but again this is fun to use, it is not that disruptive.
Also the fact that the enemies will be using this against you makes it a bit more fair as well.

The HKMP5 feels amazing, I don't feel like its overpowered, the whole submachine gun class is very very nice

The Hunting Rifle almost feels too good, but again very fun

Ak-47 much better now, actually usable

The guns that scaled with your stats (the Mauser I think) were quite good, some of these I actually held onto while having blackops because they were just really neat and good while having their own disadvantages

In conclusion, this overhaul made me use all the weapons I missed during my previous playthroughs

Are hollow point (think reduced armor penetration, more wounds??) , flechettes (more armor penetration?? I'm not too familiar on how these operate in real life, just videogames) (or god forbid even dragon's breath or Frag-12 ammunition) something you might add? I'd love to see your take on them

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Re: [MOD] Weapon overhaul, early game
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2021, 02:03:55 pm »
Do you mind if I integrate this whole submod into mine? there's a ton of cool ideas here, fully credited of course and you're more than welcome to add suggestions to that