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MC (tftd)
« on: October 23, 2020, 04:44:54 pm »
We spend so much time reslaving our aliens, it gets tedious on long search missions. What about some more exciting system.
You get 5 options when using MC disruptor: Deep MC, Sentry MC, Quick MC, Scare and Deepscare. Difficulty adders in the formula (was 30 and 10): 50-40-30-10-20 respectively.
- Deep MC: The good news, it persists automatically, and you can send an alien deep into the fray without tailing. It's the only MC type where you see through the alien's eyes and can let it scout for you. The alien is yours until you release it (0 tu) and then it fights you the next alien turn right away.
It has some catches:
- TU spent by alien are spent by master as well, if the master runs out of tu the alien stops moving.
- master can't do hand-actions anymore like inv stuff or more MC attacks, until release. He can still walk away.
- The alien resists, its MC str increases by a number bound to race-rank and such, per turn, and if it reaches your roll, it breaks out. You get to know the # of turns you have it.
- If it dies under your control, you have some troubles:
1. The master loses all tu, current or next turn depending on react fire death or alien turn death.
2. the master takes 10-20 freeze damage.
3. The MC disrupt takes damage, it has 3 lives, this damage persists through missions, thus this costs you about 60-70k. The roll bonus (normally 0-58?) takes a hit with damage to 0-45 and 0-32.

- Sentry MC: persists too. the alien doesn't resist, this is good to keep em in submission till end of fight, while they also guard a passage for you. No damage to MC disruptor or master either if they die.
You don't see through their eyes, but they react fire for you. You can't access alien's inv or move it, you can only turn them around.
Master has the no hand-actions restrict until release.

- Quick MC: Doesn't persist. In alien turn, they are free and are not shot at by friends. You don't see through their eyes but master doesn't spend TU to move them and stays free, could MC more than one alien. You could disarm them with this and it also suppresses their react fire. It doesn't let you slave an alien because they are free in their turn.

- Scare: other name for Jam Implant.

- Deepscare: like deep mc, it persists, a dot for alien morale. It breaks when morale hits 0. The master can't do hand-actions until release. The morale loss is (110-bravery)*(master's unspent tu% for current turn). It kicks in at start of alien turn.
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Re: MC (tftd)
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2021, 04:53:15 pm »
I mused on the deep mc and it's very powerful but a bit nasty to get those 3 penalties when slaves die.
Another design would be, you have to keep em in view, but not necessarily by the master, he can stay home and spend his tu on alien tu.
I can think of 3 options; you have to respot deep mc slaves in your turn by:
- any aquanaut
- an aquanaut with 20+ mc skill and an mc disruptor
- any aquanaut or deep mc slave
You don't need to have em in view before you move, you can walk toward them and control is restored when you see them.
The aquanaut doesn't have to do anything with that mc disruptor, seeing is enough. (under option 2)
Under option 3, you can have a chain of aliens going deeply into their area, while all your aqs are safe in your own sub.