Author Topic: US English text strings broken  (Read 1423 times)

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US English text strings broken
« on: June 17, 2021, 01:34:42 am »
A significant number (but not all) of the text strings for the US English language setting seem to have broken at some point when I was installing mod files. I'm seeing a lot of STR_OK and STR_GEOSCAPE_UC and so forth, but also some things are displaying correctly. Changing the language used (to, say, UK English) displays all the text as normal. This isn't a *major* problem, I can play in UK English and ignore all the "centre"s, but I would like to be able to fix the US English.

The problem seems to be rooted in the language eng-US.yml file, which is currently a quarter the size of any of the other language files (~22kb). I can't "undo" the file moves that seemingly overwrote it at some point, which seems to be where everything went wrong. I'd like to avoid having to wholly reinstall openXcom to fix this, so is there any way to correct this issue? Downloading a current release doesn't seem helpful, the language file in there seems to match the one I'm currently using.