Author Topic: [Suggestion] Switch bases in purchase/sell screens while retaining filter  (Read 545 times)

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Desired behavior, by example:

1. Open "Sell" screen of base 1.
2. Select the filter, say "Outfits".
3. Press "2" to switch to base 2 "Sell" screen while retaining the "Outfits" filter.

The ask here is to make step 3 possible. Also for "Purchase" screen and also for custom search filters (via "q" hotkey).

My use case is: I am trying to understand what is my supply level of different items across all my bases, while understanding how many items of given type are in each base.

I know I can do Base information -> Stores -> All bases.
But this won't let me understand which base has how many items, it doesn't have filtering by category, doesn't show ammo in nice indented & colorized text rows, and doesn't allow me to purchase/sell on the spot.

I attach an example of a screen from which I should be able to jump between bases with number hotkeys, without losing the filter.

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interesting idea, I agree

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Heck yah.