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IQ 500 Floater
« on: September 21, 2021, 03:41:39 am »
Base defence mission.

20 floaters,
20 floaters, 20 floaters on the road
20 floaters, and one had a blaster launcher
20 floaters, and one had a blaster launcher
20 floaters
20 floaters, and one had a blaster launcher,
pass the launcher around, and...
*Ourghh* *Ourghh*
*Ourghh* *Ourghh* *Ourghh* *Ourghh* *Ourghh* *Ourghh*
10 floaters, 10 floaters on the road

Truly IQ 500 move by them. But hey, they managed to nick like half HP of my 1 rocket tank  ::)

p.s. surprise base def (never seen the ufo coming...), thanks GOD I changed base to defensive base.

EDIT: the mastermind of this alien strategy woken up! (or stepped out of smoke/of upper level??)
he had BL equipped! (and I have alien picking up weapons disabled)
good that Sander was there to put him back to sleep, forever.

God this is really the base game ever, always something cool and interesting like that.

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