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Necron Spread
« on: April 02, 2021, 05:43:55 pm »
Hello hello, been having a smashing time with the mod but lately something seem off/unintended perhaps. The necrons seem to have a propensity for setting up bases. After getting 5+ offworlder attack missions in one month and all on the same guard base I send a ship to scout. I find a cluster of 4 Necron bases. I take out 2 and get distracted blahblah fast forward to next month. More and More necron terror missions, an unfun amount of necron terror missions happen lol so I scout the 2 bases I had left and there are 4 new bases all nearby in a cluster. I laugh to myself a bit and scout the rest of the sector and find another cluster of necrons that I literally cannot tell how many bases exist in, because its so tightly packed its just a blob. How unlucky am I or is this what the necrons do? As this is the first playthrough of a version of the mod that includes necrons so I dont really know but what I do know is im tired of attacking necron bases and terror missions lol. I attached some screenies, keep in mind I've destroyed 5 bases in the top cluster less than 15 in game days ago at the time I took the screens!
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Re: Necron Spread
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2021, 08:07:42 pm »
Gunna have to agree with this sentiment, I enjoyed the first couple of missions with the necrons, including their interesting base assaults, but quickly realized that they only do about 3 types of missions, and spread like roaches. So at this point I just use cheats to kill them all before they do like 8 terror sites a month and put me -8000 score under.

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Re: Necron Spread
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2021, 03:07:34 pm »
Hi, sorry for the month long necro but I'm having the same problem. I am getting multiple necron terror missions every day, which I can deal with but it's just turned into a boring slog. Looking in the save file I can see that 53/67 bases are necrons.

I attempted to delete a bunch of the necron bases and get them down to a single base, but doing so corrupts my save file due to unknown UFO missions. I have tried deleting each related UFO and mission, but have not had any luck. If you know how to delete them without corrupting the save file, or by some other method, it would be a huge help

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Re: Necron Spread
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2021, 04:45:24 pm »
ok we will try to fix next version, meanwhile in alienDeployments:
    genMissionFreq: 10 to 5
i think it will reduce significantly the issue

Meaning theres a 5% chance it will spawn Daily chance for the base mission to be generated one of these missions

every day there is a 5% change any of these missions ocur and of those 5% there is 25% it´s a base

The main problem is not to tackle the bases at start since all bases created have the 2.5% change of more bases every day, (again on paper 2.5% seems low)

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Re: Necron Spread
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2022, 09:35:27 pm »
(2.5/100) x 30 = 75/100 = 3/4 bases each month. I.e. over 4 months you should expect 3 bases on average.

Or none (way too lazy to calculate).
Or 30 bases. (2.5/100) ^ 30 = (25/1000) ^ 30 = 1/(40 ^ 30) = 1 / 1.1529215e+48 ~ 1/10^48