Author Topic: What do the first block of IDS: do? Is there a SaveGame element/line list?  (Read 961 times)

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Sorry, tried to search for this and didn't find anything specific.

I am editing a save game to have a master start that I always replay from.

There is a block that contains several ids: with a number that I "think" is used to match the totals loaded, but I'm not sure.

From a brand new start this is what they are:

Code: [Select]
globeLon: 5.2636201629309118
globeLat: -1.153305660959618
globeZoom: 0

Do they represent the current totals? I only have 8 soldiers but it says 9 and I only have one Skyraider and 2 Interceptors.

If I am adding craft to other bases, does that first ID block have to match numerically?  In fully played games those numbers have been very large, especially after buying and sacking large numbers of soldiers.

Is there a Save Game element/line reference anywhere? I can figure out most items but there are some lines/portions that aren't as literal.
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That ID is the "next" ID number of whatever you get.  So the next soldier will be number 9, the next Skyranger will be number 2, the next Interceptor will be number 3.

There are 2 "automatic" alien missions generated in new game, so next mission will be number 3.

So, yes, they represent the starting totals, but it's one number more than what you have.