Author Topic: help please: can`t use openXcom_trainer  (Read 329 times)

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help please: can`t use openXcom_trainer
« on: November 05, 2020, 08:05:10 pm »
Hi folks,
sorry to bother you with such a ridiculous enquiry, but obviously I´m already too dull to use a simple tool anymore....   :'(  I really tried, but I can´t get the openXcom_trainer to work! I copied the openXcom_trainer.exe into the main directory of my openXcom installation.
After starting the program I had to point the trainer to the location of openXcom.exe. Which I did. I also filled the two next rows in which the language of xcom1 (UFO Enemy Unknown) and xcom2 (Terror from the deep) were to be specified. Which I also did. Although I don`t use TFTD at all and it isn`t installed on my computer. But I followed the instructions... As the last entry was required the location of the mods. Which I also filled in (Standard-installation: OpenXcom\user\mods).
Afterwards I "x"-ed out the entry-screen. But: No save-game was found that I wanted to change!

Below is the instruction of the programmer of the trainer. Until number 5 I think I followed the instruction. But number 6 ("open a savegame") simply doesn`t work in my case....  :(
Any suggestions?
Kind regards


1 ) Extract the 'OPENXCOM_Trainer.exe'

2 ) Start it

3 ) Choose your language (english or german, but you can translate it too)

4 ) Choose the path of your 'openxcom.exe'

5 ) Make your settings

6 ) Open a savegame

7 ) Set your options

8 ) Click the 'apply' - button

9 ) Save your edited savegame (be sure you activated 'create backup' or use 'save as...')